The hot scene is a second recording version – Director

The hot scene is a second recording version – Director

A CLIP of a hot scene in a drama shared by the actor, Zul Ariffin and actress Siti Hariesa on their Instagram page is the second version of the scene recorded for publicity purposes.

Citing an mStar report , drama director Ain Sharif said the leaked scene was the second recording that may not have been shown on television.

“Yes! I directed the act … the scene is the scene director cut .

What netizens watch is a second version recording if it is suitable for use and just for publicity purposes.

“I didn’t know Zul would share the scene on Instagram.

“I was surprised to know that people were talking about this, but things have already happened, as a director I am responsible,” he said when contacted by mStar .

On Friday night, Instagram Zul was attacked by netizens after he uploaded hot scenes of his acting drama on social media.

The video showing Zul supporting Siti Hariesa from the front is considered outrageous and not suitable for public viewing.

In fact, the video was also reprimanded by the Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department (Religious Affairs) Senator Datuk Idris Ahmad on Saturday.

In the meantime, Ain said that as a director, he only carried out his trust and responsibility as best he could to ensure that the message and storyline of the drama reached the audience.

“Even before the filming, we discussed and they agreed to act in the scene,” he said.

He said the second version of the recording was made to make the drama more interesting and it was up to the television station whether to broadcast or otherwise.

“What is highlighted in the drama is happening around us, I realize some scenes are quite sensitive for the audience but they have to watch first, understand the story because there are many positive messages in this drama,” he said.

It is understood that the drama producer, Erma Fatima, is also embroiled in the controversy.

Ain explained that the drama had nothing to do with Erma Fatima.

“He is a scriptwriter and I visualize the characters according to the writing, during the filming he many times told me not to do (action) online, he was very afraid that he would not be able to go out on television.

“He knew there would be a chapter for them together but I didn’t expect it to be translated in that form.

“So netizens don’t criticize Erma because the scene is my instruction,” he said.

Apart from Ain, this 30 -episode drama is also directed by famous director Isma Yusof.

The drama starring Zul Ariffin, Mimi Lana and Siti Hariesa will be screened this Ramadan on a private television station.

source – Sinar Harian

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