‘The hair on my shirt is real hair’ – Aina Abdul’s dress at the concert was the focus

‘The hair on my shirt is real hair’ – Aina Abdul’s dress at the concert was the focus

The first NIGHT of A Night With Aina Abdul 2.0 Concert took place successfully at Istana Budaya, Kuala Lumpur last night.

Aside from her vocal solidity, most stealing the spotlight was the first dress worn by Aina, 29, who had hair details as her main material .

Aina or real name Nurul Aina Abdul Gani, said that the black dress was the result of a discussion with her stylist, Abu Shaef Hamza.

“All childbirths have their own stories. The first outfit can be said to be the alter-ego of Aina Abdul.

“Using more than 150 units of hair, we imported the hair and the hair on my shirt was real hair.

“It is quite heavy to wear but comfortable and strong. The dress was made by designer Melinda Looi.

“Actually, the idea to use hair material actually came from discussions with Abu. At that time this concert had not yet taken place or been discussed.

“But I always tell Abu, I want to use rare material that people don’t think about. What else can be shared or presented.

“Abu showed me a photo, I once saw a photo of a ‘hair shirt’ but I never saw the photo that Abu showed me and I was interested,” she said.

Aina was spotted at the A Night With Aina Abdul 2.0 Concert Media Conference shortly after the concert.

Aina added, she is thankful to have a committed squad line-up and lead to the production of something coveted.

“I was interested and the designer I thought of at the time was Melinda Looi as she always thought outside the box.

“That’s why we call the dress as The Hair Outfit. Honestly I can’t wait to see what the reaction of the fans out there is to that ‘hair’ dress.

“For me it’s a brilliant dress . People never thought of it but thanks to my team, together we can produce something very different, ”she added.

Apart from the dress, two other dresses were also styled by Aina last night, namely an orange fluffy dress designed by Zaimi Zulkafli and a tassel -laden dress designed by Rizaman Ruzaini.

Kuntum’s inspired shirt was worn by Aina especially for the press conference and meet and greet session with the audience.

source – Gempak


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