The giant panda Lin Hui died of a blood clot due to age

The giant panda Lin Hui died of a blood clot due to age

BANGKOK: The giant panda Lin Hui who died last month was diagnosed with blood clots due to old age.

Lin Hui, 21, who had been on loan from China to Thailand and had been living in an air-conditioned enclosure at the Chiang Mai Zoo since 2003, died at 1.10pm (local time), April 19.

The director of the Zoo, Wutthichai Muangman, said a team of experts from Thailand and China had conducted the post-mortem, collected and examined more than 50 biopsy samples.

“The autopsy results found that Lin Hui suffered from problems in the blood vessels due to age factors, resulting in blood clots in the organs that were the cause of his death.

“Lin Hui is also bleeding from the nose due to the tumor,” he said in a statement.

Local media reported that Thailand had to pay 15 million baht in compensation for Lin Hui’s death.

The giant panda was born in September 2001 and moved to Thailand in 2003 and has lived in the zoo since then. He was supposed to return to China in October this year.

Lin Hui and her partner Chuang Chuang are part of Beijing’s panda diplomacy which is sent to other countries as a symbol of friendship.

The two giant pandas were loaned to Thailand since 2003. Lin Hui then gave birth to Lin Ping in 2009. Lin Ping was sent back to China in 2013.

In 2019, Chuang Chuang died of a heart attack.

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