The funny action of the movie ‘Kampung Latah … The Mummy’ made netizens not dry their gums

The funny action of the movie ‘Kampung Latah … The Mummy’ made netizens not dry their gums

The comedy FILM Kampung Latah Kena Quarantin is back with the latest sequel, Kampung Latah…The Mummy has found viewers on Astro First channel (480) starting 25 August.

Last year, the first film Kampung Latah managed to collect more than RM1 million during its screening on Astro First.

Returning the director from the first film which is Azizi Hj Adnan, the film Kampung Latah…The Mummy sees the story line this time with a horror comedy concept.

The average virtual citizen was amused to see the action of actor Bell Ngasri, who is well known for his funny character.

“Haha. It’s heart breaking laughing,” commented a virtual citizen.

“Who repeats many times we gang.. Why are you stuttering devil…hahaha,” said a virtual citizen.

“Hahaha….. it’s really funny to look at the face, it’s funny,” wrote a virtual citizen.

“You can’t be serious if he’s acting,” commented another virtual citizen.

This sequel, in addition to bringing back the main leads from the prequel, such as Azhan Rani, Nazia Mustafar, Ieda Moin, PS Mansur, Din Latah and Riezman Khuzaimi, Kampung Latah… The Mummy also lined up famous domestic actors such as Adlin Aman Ramli, Bell Ngasri, Sharif Zero, Mamak Putih, Shashic Iewan, Acong Sweetchild, Jaafar Onn, Wanie Ooi, Souya, Along Kembo, Delimawati, Razak Ahmad, Sharwani Ns, Syuk Sahar, Ilham Abata and many more.

In fact, from the point of view of the storyline, the difference presented is a fictional story about ‘mummy’ and involves the preparation of props and careful clothing as well as scenes involving CGI.

The film Kampung Latah…The Mummy tells the story of the atmosphere of Kampung Latah once again with the behavior of its residents.

The story begins when the construction work to build the Kampung Latah Sports Complex is stopped when contract workers come across a ‘mummy’ coffin and when it is opened the ‘mummy’ rises up and disturbs the residents.

Watch the horror comedy Kampung Latah…The Mummy by subscribing to Astro First on channel 480 or you can also stream it on Astro Go or On Demand.

For only RM15, you can watch for 48 hours (2 days) repeatedly.

For those who want to watch the first film Kampung Latah Kena Quarantin, you can also subscribe to the Opocot Collection combo! Latah which features two films namely ‘Kampung Latah Kena Quarantin’ and ‘Kampung Latah…The Mummy’ with a price of RM19.90 starting 25 August. –

source – Gempak

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