The ‘Flag Man’ is gone, died in independence month

The ‘Flag Man’ is gone, died in independence month

KUCHING: “If we can instill the spirit of patriotism in the new generations, let them emulate my spirit, must raise the name of the state of Sarawak and our country,”

That was the order of Azahari Hamdan, better known as Joe Seafood, who was filmed by Astro Awani in conjunction with Sarawak Day two years ago.

The patriotic character of Kuching City breathed his last at the age of 65 at the Sarawak General Hospital (HUS) at 2.30pm, on Tuesday.

In a sharing on Facebook, his nephew announced the news of his uncle’s passing, and that the remains were safely buried at the Islamic Cemetery, Kuching.

The deceased, who was also nicknamed the ‘Flag Man’, stole the attention of the surrounding residents when he rode a Modenas Jaguh motorcycle decorated with the Sarawak flag and Jalur Gemilang around the capital and villages.

The last time the deceased was seen with his beloved decorated motorcycle was during the Sarawak Day Celebration on July 22.

According to the deceased, the tradition that started 21 years ago is a reflection of the spirit of patriotism that wants to be embedded among the people of Bumi Kenyalang and the youth to always appreciate the services of national fighters.

In his previous interview with Astro AWANI, the deceased said that each of his motorbikes cost around RM200 to RM300, using his own pocket money and would always change.

Without a passionate heir like him, the people of Kuching City will always miss his cheerfulness every time Sarawak Day (July 22), National Day (August 31) or Malaysia Day (September 16) is celebrated.

source – Nuzuluddin Abdul Razak

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