The First Performance Art NFT Exhibition Of EchoX, A Million-dollar Vision On Its Debut, Overturns The Game

The First Performance Art NFT Exhibition Of EchoX, A Million-dollar Vision On Its Debut, Overturns The Game

TAIPEI, Sept. 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Asia’s New NFT curating and management platform EchoX is officially launched today along with an exciting announcement of its very first NFT performance art called “We Are What We Eat”, which is a derivative work from the 2021 Ars Electronica Festival’s “Earth Tour: Taste Soil”. Created by leading cultural figures VR Gold Award Director Hsin-Chien Huang, Celebrity Chef André Chiang and Contemporary Artist Billy Chang, “We Are What We Eat” involves a co-creation journey featuring the world’s first edible NFT.

Not so long ago, Beeple’s NFT platform, WeNew, released the NFT commemorative work “LOUIS: The Game ” for the 200th birthday of Louis Vuitton, which has attracted significant attention and sparked a new wave of cross-arts NFT practices. Though the NFT market is hot, much of the focus has been on creating digital art by digital creators. While according to statista, the global market value of NFT is around 330 million US dollars, compared to the 50 billion US dollars in the global art market value, it only contributes less than 1%. So here comes EchoX — unlike most NFT trading platforms focused only on the digital art circle, filling the big gap by targeting the other 99% of creators, galleries, and brands and providing them the right NFT managing and curating tools to experiment with the intersection of cryptocurrency and culture with the following reimagined ways to interact with NFT.

1. Anti-counterfeiting certificate

Empowering an art by minting an NFT as the corresponding traceable anti-counterfeiting certificates mapped to the original artwork. It allows creators, artists, or brand owners to easily mint their NFT and issue them on various platforms while grasping business opportunities in real-time price tracking.

2. Smart receipt and safekeeping system

NFT as smart receipt and safekeeping system to allow artwork owners to auction or merchandise more easily with NFT, whereas the corresponding physical work is kept in the gallery or a third party institute. This characteristic also increases the artwork liquidity with the authentication ensured.

3. Co-creation certificate of Performance art

NFT can also be applied as a co-creation certificate for performance art, allowing art creators to issue NFTs as an invitation to participate and produce together and furthermore to share the right of future potential dividends.

EchoX is funded by SG Asia Capital (an NFT fund based in Singapore) and incubated with the Venture Studio model by LeadBest Consulting Group (Asia’s top ten blockchain consulting firm awarded by APAC CIO Outlook). The strategic investment round was led by the LeadAgileX Industry Empowerment Fund and backed by angel investors including Mindfulness Capital who participated in the equity investment of top blockchain projects such as Bitmain and Sandbox, as well as expert consultants who specialize in blockchain and cultural fields.It is estimated a total of 1.2 million US dollars as the initial investment of this project.

The founding team members include international curators, technology and financial talents, including international curating consultant Dr. Shin-Yi Yang (Cornell University art history PhD), digital empowerment experts LeadBest founder Chia-Hsien Lee; first Taiwanese in Singularity University Dr. Ju-Chun Ko; Curating director Dr. Chia-Wei Wen; (Candidate) of National Taiwan University of Art AMCP, COO Kuan-Ting Liu, and CPO Chi-Tse Chang. Moreover, EchoX is linking to one of the top blockchain multi-signature vault systems, Cybavo, for the preservation of NFT assets. In addition, global strategic partners also include Thomas Ao, Mindfulness Capital (a blockchain capital fund) founder, Ke-Fei Lin, technical director of VC Trade, a subsidiary of the SBI Group, and Taien Wang, information security consultant and the founding chairman of TGONetworks, Chien-Chih Liu, a collector and chairman of Kings Town Bank International Lease Corporation, and Kelvin Chung, legal counsel KPMG partner lawyer.

“NFT will bring an explosive impact to the art market in the near future,” emphasized by co-founder Dr. Shin-Yi Yang, an internationally renowned curator.

EchoX, COO Kuan-Ting Liu said, “It is foreseeable that more art trading will take place online through virtual certificates, NFT, which also echoes the original vision of EchoX. That is, to provide NFT management tools and online curatorial consulting services for galleries and creators.”

“The cultural and creative industry also needs digital empowerment. So far less than 1% of the global art industry applies blockchain technology. EchoX is aiming at the other 99% entering the brand-new market together. The future possibility is exciting,” commented Neil Lee, CEO of LeadBest Consulting Group, the incubator of EchoX.

The first exhibition is going to be a wow in the global NFT market, more surprising curating projects have been in preparation all the way until the end of the year. NFT is the most popular buzzword in crypto and digital markets nowadays, we believe that more cross-field collaborations will be revealed soon.

About EchoX

EchoX is the online-offline curating expert, providing NFT management tools and consulting services in online curating. Dedicated to making online-offline curating and NFTs as easy as artists are creative, EchoX supports and collaborates with galleries, artists and brands to curate a world of echoes altogether whether in the physical world or the metaverse.




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