The final result of the Amelia Earhart mural: The Perak Museum Board becomes a reference expert

The final result of the Amelia Earhart mural: The Perak Museum Board becomes a reference expert

IPOH: The state government asked the Perak State Museum Board to act as a reference expert before a final decision is made regarding the issue of the mural of the American pilot, Amelia Earhart, in Taiping.

Chairman of the Housing, Local Government and Tourism Committee, Datuk Nolee Ashilin Mohammed Radzi said, it is the last resort as there are differences of opinion on the relevant facts.

“We have asked the local authority (PBT) to check the facts and make a check with the historical association in Taiping that started the mural initiative.

“There is a difference of opinion there. There are two opinions regarding the fact that the pilot landed or not.

“So, to make a decision there must be a reference expert. I instructed the Museum Board to be a reference expert so that we can take appropriate action. This matter is still under investigation,” he said.

Nolee Ashilin said this after being asked to comment on the progress of the investigation into the mural issue, which is said to be in contradiction with the actual facts.

He was met at the closing ceremony of the Reskill and Upskill Program of the Basic and Advanced Course of the Guide@Geoguide Geopark Kinta Valley, here, on Sunday.

Also present were the Director of the Operations Coordination Branch of the Department of Minerals and Geosciences, Nizarul Ikram Abdul Rahim and the Chief Executive Officer of Tourism Perak, Nurmalis Musa.

Previously, Nolee Ashilin said, her party had asked the Taiping Municipal Council (MPT) to review the mural painting issue.

It is claimed that it is not suitable to be used as one of the tourism icons of the district because, among other things, there is a debate on social media among historians about the matter.

It is believed that Amelia, crowned the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean, did not land at Tekah Airport, in Taiping, on June 7, 1937, to refuel.

In the meantime, when asked what steps would be taken if the results prove that the pilot never landed in Taiping, he said of course he would correct it.

“If (the mural) is not erased even once, maybe we will make a ‘ disclaimer ‘ or an error because history must be right, right?

“We have several options which are delete or vice versa, by putting a ‘ disclaimer ‘ with facts that correct the matter.

“Perhaps we can write, ‘(landing in Taiping) was in (Amelia’s) flight plan, but she did not land’,” he said.

Previously, the media reported that the MPT had submitted complete information to the Perak Exco regarding the mural of the female pilot on the wall of a premises in Jalan Abdul Jalil, Taiping.

Yang Dipertua MPT Khairul Amir Mohamad Zubir said, his party is sensitive to the public debate about the mural produced in 2019.

source – Aida Aziz

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