The divorce case of Puteri Sarah and Syamsul Yusof awaits the decision of the JKP – Lawyer

The divorce case of Puteri Sarah and Syamsul Yusof awaits the decision of the JKP – Lawyer

KUALA LUMPUR: Syarie’s lawyer representing actress Puteri Sarah Liyana Megat Kamaruddin, Datuk Akberdin Abdul Kader said his client is now waiting for the decision of the Conciliation Committee (JKP) to see further decisions regarding the divorce application with her husband Syamsul Yusof.

According to Akberdin, if the JKP finds that the marriage cannot be saved, Hakam’s process will be taken by his client.

“We will go to the Relatives’ Court and after that we will go to the Court’s Court. The decision should be decided today but the Judge only wants to hear the law that is already in use.

“Although, in the law there is no clear procedure or method on how to carry out JKP proceedings,” he explained when met by the media at the Syariah Court here on Thursday.

Earlier, Syarie Judge Abdul Halim Abdullah rejected Syamsul’s request to be excluded from appearing for the first mention of the case today.

Abdul Halim, however, ordered that the case be heard by both sides.

At the same time, Abdul Halim also ordered Puteri Sarah as the defendant in the case to file a response to the ex-parte injunction to prevent her from issuing any statements regarding their domestic turmoil on social media.

The court then set next June 8 as the date for re-mentioning the case.

Earlier, Puteri Sarah was seen arriving at the court at 2.30pm, followed by Syamsul who arrived around 2.42pm on Thursday.

On April 18, the couple was originally expected to find a solution to their family crisis, however, the opposite happened when Syamsul withdrew his decision to divorce Puteri Sarah. Syamsul said his reluctance to let go of Puteri Sarah was due to his wife adding several terms to their divorce agreement including alimony issues and the case against Ira Kazar.

Syamsul and Puteri Sarah got married on March 8, 2014 and were blessed with a pair of children, Syaikhul Islam, 6, and Sumayyah, 5. On January 6, Syamsul shocked the entertainment world when he confessed to marrying Princess Sarah by marrying Ira Kazar in Thailand.

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