The director of the films ‘Get Carter’ and ‘Flash Gordon’ Mike Hodges died

The director of the films ‘Get Carter’ and ‘Flash Gordon’ Mike Hodges died

Famous British film director Mike Hodges has reportedly died at the age of 90.

The news of his death was confirmed by his friend Mike Kaplan to The Guardian news portal .

According to Kaplan, Hodges died at his home in Dorset on Saturday.

However, the cause of death was not specified.

Among the famous films directed by Hodges include Get Carter, The Terminal Man, Croupier and Flash Gordon.

Hodges was born in Bristol in 1932 and began his career as an accountant before joining the Royal Navy.

After that, the deceased ventured into writing news scripts and documentary series.

In 1969, the late directed two films for ITV Playhouse titled Rumor and Suspect before producing the film Get Carter which was inspired by the novel written by Ted Lewis.

Additionally, Hodges directed the horror film Damien: Omen 2 in 1978 but withdrew from the project after only three weeks of filming.

At the time Hodges claimed a producer had pulled out a gun loaded with live ammunition during a heated discussion about the film’s budget.

In 1980 Hodges directed the drama Flash Gordon after Nicolas Roeg withdrew from the project.

Hodges is survived by his wife Carol Laws, two sons Ben and Jake and five grandchildren.

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