The crisis of Mas Idayu – Sissy Iman – Naim Daniel ends…

The crisis of Mas Idayu – Sissy Iman – Naim Daniel ends…

JURY remains a singing event, Mas Idayu finally opened his mouth to comment on the duo Sissy Iman and Naim Daniel.

Said Mas Idayu or fondly called Mommy, Sissy and Naim have given the best performance in addition to praising their increasing vocal quality.

“My opinion, if I don’t like it I say I don’t like it. But tonight is the best vocal you’ve ever performed.

“There is only one week where you make a big mistake, other weeks you are very good. You forget that you two are amazing. I really like overalls,” she said.

Mas Idayu said this after Sissy and Naim performed through Naim’s original song Sumpah on the final stage of a singing event that took place on Sunday.

Meanwhile, visiting the Twitter page, the average praised Mas Idayu’s professional attitude.

“I like Mommy, very professional tonight,” said a citizen.

“It’s sweet to hear Mommy praise Sissy tonight,” said a netizen.

Earlier, there was an uproar when Sissy Iman and Naim Daniel who participated in a singing program were harshly criticized by the permanent jury, Mas Idayu after singing the song Jampi (Hael Husaini) in a keroncong rhythm.

As a result of the incident, Sissy couldn’t hold back tears and continued to cry on stage. In fact, the following week, Mas Idayu was seen refusing to comment on the couple.

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