The country’s film industry has great potential, should be fueled – Annuar

The country’s film industry has great potential, should be fueled – Annuar

KUALA LUMPUR: The country’s film industry has great potential and should be fueled through film production in collaboration between local industry players and more experienced international industry players, said Communications and Multimedia Minister Tan Sri Annuar Musa.

He said, the move will be able to accelerate the name of the country’s film industry to be lifted to the global stage.

“We can’t be satisfied with the situation as usual. We have to accept the fact and reality that the creative industry, especially film, has enormous potential,” he said at the special screening of the film “Air Force The Movie: As Long As You Live” here, last night.

According to Annuar, the story line of a film should also ensure that it can be appreciated by all sections of society in order to expand the film’s market.

“We are one Malaysian Family. Expand the market not only by race segment so that we can have a bigger market,” he said.

According to Annuar, K-KOMM will do whatever it takes to advance the country’s film industry including making some policy changes if necessary.

“I hope the Minister of Finance in the next budget will make some specific announcements to be used as a catalyst for the film industry and the creative industry,” he said.

Regarding yesterday’s screening, Annuar said the film was unique because the audience had the opportunity to witness the assets of the Royal Malaysian Air Force and successfully expressed the spirit of patriotism in a creative way.

“In movies, apart from entertainment, what is important is the message to be conveyed,” he said.

source – BERNAMA

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