The cosmetic agent of the kidnapped victim returned home safely

The cosmetic agent of the kidnapped victim returned home safely

KOTA BHARU: The kidnap victim who was escaped by a criminal group on September 13 returned to his family home this afternoon.

Rosnazirah Mohd Naim, 36, was escorted home by the Kelantan Police Chief, Datuk Muhamad Zaki Harun to the family home in Kota Bharu at around 2.50pm.

“We hand it over to the family in a good and safe condition. There may be some emotional stress, but it’s all good. (She) speaks well, (and has) met the family.

“This has an impact not only on the family but on everyone who pays attention to this case. Together, let’s make it a lesson… for the community in Kelantan to often care about the condition of others,” she said.

According to Muhamad Zaki, the public and acquaintances are advised not to disturb the victim temporarily to give space to the family.

He said that the hard work of the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM), especially the Kelantan Police and the Thai Police had succeeded in bringing the victims home safely without involving any payment of ransom.

He explained that the police are still investigating the case.

At the same time, he asked the people of Kelantan to use the incident as a lesson not to get involved in any drug trafficking group.

After being allowed to go home, the police do not plan to monitor the home or deploy personnel to guard the victim’s safety.

The PDRM will also provide counseling services to the families of the victims and the victims in removing the effects of the trauma they went through.

In the meantime, the investigation on the four individuals who were previously remanded is still continuing.

Rosnazirah was abducted by four individuals from her residence in Kampung Semat Jal, Tumpat on 13 September last.

The victim is said to have been taken to Thailand by a group believed to be a drug cartel.

The act of taking the victim away is said to be related to a drug trafficking syndicate in Thailand.

source – Muhafandi Muhamad

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