The Chainsmokers in Genting and on going back to concerts

The Chainsmokers in Genting and on going back to concerts

Preceeded by DJs Blink, BATE and Julian, and singers Yunohoo and NYK, electro-pop duo The Chainsmokers entertained a crowd of thousands

CROWDS in tightly packed spaces have been a big no-no for the better part of the last two years, and to be clear, for a lot of people that is still true – variants of Covid are still kicking around of course. That doesn’t mean fun can’t be had if the right protections are put into place.

Recently, Heineken via its ‘Refresh Your Music, Refresh Your Nights’ campaign brought chart-topping US electronic duo The Chainsmokers to Resorts World Genting, along with some explosive local acts like Yunohoo and NYK.

According to Heineken, 5,000 fans showed up to the concert and it sure felt like it – especially as the night went on and things became more raucous and involved in the music. Though sometimes the noise was quite intense to the point where you couldn’t hear the artist’s lyrics, at least from the VIP balcony.

Crooner NYK showcases his unique take on The Chainsmokers’ hit song Something Just Like This.

Trilingual rapper Yunohoo hypes up the crowd with her performance of The Chainsmokers’ Don’t Let Me Down in her own way.

When it came to Yunohoo and NYK, they each came out and performed sets of their own, with the former performing her own songs like Kaalam, AV and Rani, and the latter with his own popular songs such as Daylight, faded and pretty burn.

Apart from Yunohoo and NYK, the concert also featured other spirited performances by local DJs Blink, BATE and Julian. They kept the energy of the crowd going over the course of the night as the event ran from about 8pm to just before 1am.

The Chainsmokers gave their fans a night to remember. – Pic courtesy of Heineken
In addition to the sound and fury of the musical performances, the visual component came in the form of a frenetic lightshow with plenty of pyrotechnics to spare.

When The Chainsmokers took to the stage towards the end of the night, sometime after 11pm, they performed their hit songs, many of which have dominated the radio waves here in Malaysia over the years.

Andrew ‘Drew’ Taggart, the singer of the group remarked that they had not been in the country since 2015 and wanted to reconnect with their fans. They accomplished that and more in an exciting night of music.

source – The Vibes

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