The ‘Bulan Bintang Takes The Sky’ fashion show was recognized by the Malaysia Book of Records

The ‘Bulan Bintang Takes The Sky’ fashion show was recognized by the Malaysia Book of Records

THE FOUNDER of Baju Melayu Bulan Bintang, Azzim Zahid Azmi received recognition from the Malaysia Book Of Records.

AWESOME and awesome! That is the exact picture when the leading clothing brand Bulan Bintang in collaboration with Menara Kuala Lumpur made history by holding a fashion show, named ‘Bulan Bintang Takes The Sky’.

A gimmick that is quite stunning, Bulan Bintang made history by being the only Malaysian local brand that performed the most drone shows and was successfully listed in the Malaysia Book of Records.

This ‘Bulan Bintang Takes The Sky’ fashion show also features a line-up of leading ambassadors for this year such as Shukri Yahaya, Sharnaaz Ahmad, Nadhir Nasar, Beto Kusyairy, Hannah Delisha and Daiyan Trisha

Featuring a Raya Ready To Wear (RTW) collection for the whole family consisting of 68 designs and 326 exclusive color options, Bulan Bintang set a target of 1 million units sold before Syawal approaches.

“This is the second year we have introduced women’s shirt designs and I am quite excited because this year’s designs are more varied because we have our own fashion designers. At the same time, of course the design this time is better than the previous year.

“And we made improvements this year by not putting the Bulan Bintang brand on the shirt but putting it on the button of the Malay shirt. Even the zipper on the arm is made to make it easier for the wearer to perform ablution,” he added.

‘Moon Bintang Takes The Sky’ fashion SHOW is lively!

Aiming to sell 1 million pieces of clothing, Azzim explained, he is targeting a profit of 400 percent from last year.

“For last year, we earned almost RM30 million for holiday sales. And for this year we are targeting a 400 percent increase with the sale of 1 million units of clothes. The sale will start today (February 18) and I expect the clothes to be sold out at least a week before Raya,” he explained.

This event is further enlivened with projection mapping or also known as video mapping, which is a new technology that takes the audience to a different dimension and provides an unforgettable experience. Projection mapping on the pillars of the Kuala Lumpur Tower displays gimmicks and also the names of the types of collections on display.

This historic moment also marks the start date of the sale of the Raya 2023 collection where consumers can get it from authorized agents or at Bulan Bintang official boutiques throughout Malaysia.

source – wilayahku

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