The Asean ambassador was impressed with the tourism products in Pahang

The Asean ambassador was impressed with the tourism products in Pahang

KUANTAN: Ambassadors and representatives of Asean countries consider tourism products in Pahang to be unique and can be promoted to other countries in the region as an effort to advance the state’s tourism industry.

The Indonesian Ambassador to Malaysia, Hermono, expressed his admiration for the uniqueness of the state’s culture and ethnicity, and in addition to his opinion, the products in question are not available in other countries.

Hermono added that the exchange of cultural diplomacy can actually strengthen relations between countries in Asean and Pahang is a must-visit location for tourists from Asean countries.

“One of the ways to strengthen relations between countries is what we call cultural diplomacy and I think that is also what is being promoted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Malaysia to promote cultural diplomacy so that one race and another race know each other’s culture and may have similarities.

“There are also many things that are unique in my opinion… cultural diplomacy is diplomacy that is very pleasant because it involves many people, not only government officials but that is felt by the general public,” said Hermono.

He said this during the ‘Explore Pahang With ASEAN Ambassadors and representatives of the Embassy High Commissioner’ program, here, on Monday.

A total of six Asean Ambassadors and 24 delegations including the Embassy’s High Commissioner attended the three-day program starting on Monday.

Hermono also wants to help promote the uniqueness of Kuantan to travel agencies in Indonesia because Pahang is also rich in culture.

As for the Laos Ambassador to Malaysia, Viengsavanh Sipraseuth, he is very fond of food, especially Pahang’s sambal hitam, as well as fond of batik weaving.

“It is a great honor for me to have the opportunity to visit the beautiful city of Kuantan by the sea and this is also my first time here and I really enjoyed all the activities.

“Thank you to Tourism Malaysia and Tourism Pahang for inviting us, I really enjoyed all the activities, especially batik painting,” he said.

Meanwhile, Tourism Malaysia’s Southeast Asia International Promotion Division Deputy Director, Bahruddin Sulaiman, said the three-day, two-night program was held to introduce Pahang tourism products, especially in Kuantan.

He said, this is the first time such a program has been organized by Tourism Malaysia.

As a result of the feedback received, Tourism Malaysia, he said, will further expand the organization by bringing ambassadors and representatives of foreign countries to Sabah in order to provide a clear picture of the uniqueness of the State Under the Wind.

source – Astro Awani

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