Terengganu launches COE2023 to boost the tourism sector

Terengganu launches COE2023 to boost the tourism sector

KUALA TERENGGANU: A total of 100 events including 17 iconic programs are listed in the Terengganu Tourism and Culture Annual Events Calendar 2023 (COE2023).

Chairman of the Terengganu Tourism, Culture and Digital Technology Committee Ariffin Deraman said the state government has arranged various interesting programs throughout the year to encourage and boost the state’s tourism sector.

He said the organization of the program is expected to attract the presence of three million tourists from within and outside the state.

“Among the iconic events that are always popular are the Terengganu Water Festival, Beautiful Terengganu Carnival, Kenyir Casting Tournament and many more of national and international standard.

“We will open COE2023 by organizing the Beautiful Terengganu Malaysia Carnival which will take place in Kemaman from 23 to 26 February next,” he said after launching the Terengganu State Tourism and Culture COE2023 here on Thursday.

Ariffin said the main purpose of COE2023 is to ensure that every program or event organized gets early publicity and makes it easier for tourists to plan their holidays.

In fact, every program or event that will be conducted takes into account the background and comfort of tourists so that they will return to visit Terengganu after a pleasant vacation.

“In 2022 we have recorded a total of 2.7 million tourists. Although this year the world economy is expected to face a recession, we are optimistic that we will be able to reach the target of three million by focusing on domestic or domestic tourism,” he said.

At the launch ceremony, Ariffin also presented a cash incentive of RM1,200 to 43 mining boat and rickshaw operators in the state.

In addition, as much as RM10,000 is also allocated for the process of improving the rickshaws so that they appear more modern and attract tourists.


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