Television -targeted advertising gave a new boost to the market, the media landscape

Television -targeted advertising gave a new boost to the market, the media landscape

PETALING JAYA: Today, ” Addressable TV ” – a television -targeted advertising innovation is seen to be able to give new light to the market as well as be able to significantly jumpstart the media landscape.

Recognizing this, leading content and entertainment company, Astro Malaysia Holdings Bhd (Astro) is now a pioneer in television advertising innovation through the first targeted advertising service in Southeast Asia.

Taking a step in digital targeting through television with the use of first -party data, advertisers and brands are now able to display advertisements directly to households watching related programs.

Astro Group Chief Financial Officer Shafiq Abdul Jabbar, who also oversees the group’s data and marketing, said he was excited to see the combination of television quality and accessibility through the wealth of first -party data used to create the ideal audience segment.

He said, it is guided by income, location, type and buying habits, thus able to create a highly relevant context for advertisers as well as ads that are personally designed for the audience.

“With the increase in television data targeting capabilities, Astro Targeted Advertising is able to be guided by the diversity of types and sizes of industries and businesses, and for the first time, enable small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to access television inventory,” he said.

He said this at the launch of Astro Television Targeted Advertising Innovation ( Addressable Future ) in Petaling Jaya, on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Mediabrands Malaysia Chief Executive Officer, Bala Pomaleh said, advertisers and brands that display various advertisements will be able to reach the desired target audience better and more specifically based on specific segments.

“Through this innovation, we will be able to see more new advertisers who are interested, because there are many advertisers out there who do not necessarily want to advertise their ads nationally.

“However, it wants to be targeted geographically for example, or just want to reach a specific or specific audience only. This will give them great new opportunities, ”he said.

In addition, Mindshare Group Chief Executive Officer and m/SIX Malaysia, Sheila Shanmugan explained, the innovation will change the perspective and space for television to grow in the future as well as help businesses grow to include multinational companies and small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

“Advertisers are always excited to explore new avenues, especially if they give and produce different results. As for the Brand, they will always look for the opportunity.

“Although it will always be tested and learned in the beginning, in the end it will definitely succeed. So, the way the format of planning and buying for the media will change and require agencies to submit proposals and customers accept the idea, ”he explained.

Meanwhile, Maxis Head of Brand and Marketing, Tai Kam Leong, is of the view that the innovation is able to leverage the brand, the value of the work and provide space for new businesses to grow using the medium of television at the best setting.

“The development from Astro is very exciting and we are excited for the SME community, a brand that is just growing in the country.

“It allows us to really get a chance to connect with people and understand them better and hopefully have a fit for a variety of things.

“So, we are very excited for this innovation and hope to work with Astro,” he said.

Earlier, Astro started the television -targeted advertising innovation ( Addressable Advertising ) through implementation through Video On Demand on Astro GO as well as on Ultra and Ulti Box since November 2021, while for Linear it was launched in stages starting this June.

source – Ehsan A Marisah

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