Tanya Nolan Releases Single ‘Good Woman’ – Valentine’s Day

Tanya Nolan Releases Single ‘Good Woman’ – Valentine’s Day

Entrepreneur Turned R&B Singer, Songwriter and Producer Tanya Nolan Releases Single ‘Good Woman’ – Melodic Ballad Hits Airwaves in Time for Valentine’s Day

HOUSTON, Feb. 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Musical artist, Tanya Nolan, known for her songs ‘Smile On My Face’ and ‘No Pressure,’ has recently released her latest R&B single, ‘Good Woman,’ to national radio and all satellite platforms. The emotional song debuted as the second most added song to R&B radio stations across the country, behind the The Weeknd, who debuted at number one. In addition to National and local radio, ‘Good Woman’ was quickly picked up by Sirius XM’s Heart & Soul and the popular television network, Music Choice.

‘Good Woman’ is sure to become an anthem for the legions of women across the country who can relate to the idea of being in a relationship and not feeling appreciated. “You don’t deserve a good woman like me,” Tanya echoes throughout the melodic ballad. Her relatable storytelling of a house built on lies and a relationship where the woman realizes she deserves something better will resonate with female audiences. Some women may be in a situation like the song or just getting out of a situation like the one Tanya sings about. As we head into Valentine’s Day, this song becomes a must listen.

“I’ve been working at my musical craft most of my life and have put out music before, but this time just feels different. I am in a space where I can follow my dreams freely, control my destiny and tell my own personal truth,” said Tanya. “I hope that my fans will relate to my stories and vibe with me on this journey.”

Hailing from Galveston, Texas, Tanya’s route towards becoming a professional artist has been far from typical. Tanya is a hugely successful entrepreneur within the childcare services industry, owning the largest upscale childcare learning facility in Galveston County. Unable to ignore a divine calling to sing and produce music, Tanya’s success as a businessperson has enabled her to pursue a second career in music.

On February 11th, ‘Good Woman’ will be available to download on all national streaming platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, and iHeart Radio.

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