Tangmo’s death: Police were called to use polygraph tests on 5 key witnesses

Tangmo’s death: Police were called to use polygraph tests on 5 key witnesses

A Senate committee has urged the police to make the five individuals who were with the late Thai actor Tangmo Nida to undergo a polygraph test apart from being interrogated to give further clues to the nature of his death, recently.

The chairman of Thailand’s Committee on Human Rights, Freedoms and Consumer Protection, Somchai Sawanengkan – who is in charge of Tangmo’s mother – to monitor the progress of her son’s investigation said on Monday that police would also re -examine some aspects of the ongoing investigation.

The new investigation will also be conducted on blood samples and clothes of the deceased.

According to Somchai, at this time, the committee will not provide any new information, but will summarize and detail the meeting agenda, autopsy results as well as images from closed circuit cameras and all the evidence that has been obtained so far, in the next discussion.

He also said that the investigating team had taken statements from all the individuals who were with Tangmo on the boat on the night of the incident, and took into account that their statements would contradict each other. Therefore, he added, there is a possibility that the statement they have exaggerated.

In another development, the Thaelah Judiciary set up a panel of forensic experts to investigate Tangmo’s autopsy results, starting March 16.

This is in connection with the request of lawyer Kritsana Sriboonpimsuay, on behalf of the Tangmo family.

This is also, said Tangmo, to answer questions regarding the burns on Tangmo’s chest and the condition of his teeth as well as his head and wounds on his thighs.

Tangmo’s body, 38, was found by local rescue teams two days after he was reported missing in late February.

Nida’s body was found floating in a river about 300 meters from Pibulsongkram Pier, Nonthaburi, Bangkok, about 1 kilometer from the location of the fall.

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