Tangmo Nida’s death: “This case is strange from the beginning” – Forensic expert Dr Porntip

Tangmo Nida’s death: “This case is strange from the beginning” – Forensic expert Dr Porntip

THE STORY of the death of popular Thai actress, Tangmo Nida is still a question mark.

What was the cause of death and what exactly happened on the night of February 24?

Since the news of the beautiful actress’ death got the world’s attention, Thailand’s famous forensic pathologist, Dr Porntip Rojanasunan is also reported to be participating in the autopsy process on the deceased ‘s body .

The Bangkok Post portal recently, reported a special panel will be selected by the Senate Committee on Human Rights, Freedoms and Protection to review and scrutinize the police investigation into the actor’s sudden death.

Porntip, who is the leading forensic pathologist, who now holds the title of Senator, commented his selection was as an observer body in the second autopsy process to be conducted at the request of Tangmo’s mother, citing the portal’s report again.

The autopsy is scheduled to be conducted at Thammasat University Hospital Rangsit, the Bangkok Post reported.

Porntip was also reported to have said that the second autopsy would open up more question space especially the large wound found on Tangmo’s thigh.

According to Porntip, citing the report again, among the key questions that need to be answered include whether the injury occurred before or after the incident that befell Tangmo.

In addition, Senator Kamnoon Sidhisamarn will also join Porntip as an observer panel, comprising 15 individuals from various fields, from security aspects involving security cameras at the scene of the incident, at Rama VII Bridge, Bangkok.

Kamnoon was also reported to have said that he believed there were many more clues that could be found from the incident that took place at 11pm on February 24.

Nida’s body was found floating in a river about 300 meters from Pibulsongkram Pier, Nonthaburi, Bangkok, about 1 kilometer from the location of the fall, two days after he reportedly boarded a boat with some of his friends on the Chao Phraya River, Bangkok.


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