Tamil actress found dead on birthday

Tamil actress found dead on birthday

A famous Malayalam or Tamil actress and model, Sahana, shocked the Indian entertainment industry when she was found dead a few days ago.

Sahana was reportedly found dead mysteriously on the eve of her 22nd birthday at a residence located in Kozhikode. She was found dead hanging from a toilet window.

The death of Sahana who celebrated her birthday that night was later linked as a murder.

Sahana’s family claimed that the actress, who had been married for a year and a half, died at the hands of her own husband known as Sajjad.

“My son couldn’t have killed himself, but he was killed.

“She always complains of being beaten by her husband and does not give her a good living. Her life is full of stress. The authorities must conduct a good investigation for my son’s justice, “said Sahana’s mother as reported by IndianExpress.com.

According to authorities’ reports, Sahana, who was recently involved in a film, has become a model for many advertising campaigns including jewelery.

“Sajjad previously worked in Qatar but is unemployed here. Sahana was recently involved in a film.

“The two reportedly quarreled about the payment received by Sahana after starring in the film. Sajjad came home late on Sahana’s birthday, they had an argument before he found his wife unconscious in the toilet, “said a statement from the investigators.

According to reports, her husband, Sajjad claimed to have found Sahana lifeless in the toilet of the house.

This was confirmed by their host who heard Sajjad’s screams after meeting his wife.

“Sajjad shouted for help and when asked why, he only told to find Sahana unconscious. We keep asking for help, “said the couple’s host.

source – Gempak


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