Talk with Kawan Musician — ‘Laguku Untukmu’ fame Hasnol in the house

Talk with Kawan Musician — ‘Laguku Untukmu’ fame Hasnol in the house

Talk with Kawan Musician — Laguku Untukmu fame Hasnol in the house

The Hipz team managed to get a local singer to share his experience, thoughts on the music industry in Malaysia.

To keep as it is, we share with our readers the uncut version of the Q&A session with singer Hasnol.

Thank you Hasnol for giving the opportunity and appearing in the #1 series of Talk with Kawan Musician!




Q1 — After your famous Laguku Untukmu, what have you been doing?


Answer :

Laguku Untukmu has been around for about almost 30 years now, since it was launched and publicised in 1992. After winning AJL 8 / Muzik Muzik 1993 in the Pop Rock category, I layed low for awhile since 1994 was the year I got married.


First marriage. After the marriageI went into the corporate world since I’ve had some tertiary education in graphics foundation. And to make it shorter… I went off the grid many years and focussed on my marriage and corporate career as a designer… and later on into IT industry exposure.


Q2 — How do you see the music industry in Malaysia Now and Before when you started?


Answer :

Things were so much better back then as celebrities were not often seen and celebrities were regarded as exemplary roles.

We had the upper hand when coming down to rural areas for a show, concerts or meet the fans sessions anywhere outside of Kuala Lumpur.

TV shows, radio talk shows were the in thing those days and everybody watched TV and listed to the radios back then.

Nowadays though, it is all at your fingertips, spotify, youtube, joox and many other entertainment apps on your mobile phone, you want to look for somebody and check their whole entire background… just Google them.

So, I guess, things are already different now compared to before. Easier access nowadays. Those days…? Fans would just fall on their feet to see their favourite celebrity in front of their eyes.


Q3 — Do you have any suggestions to improve the musicians?


Answer :

With everything now within finger reach nowadays, it should be easier but then again, competition starts to get in the way, as the game changes from the 90s to the millenia, technology plays a role but so does in the ever-growing numbers of singers, actors, that are coming up like mushrooms everywhere.

Young singers coming up just by producing singles at their home studios and launching it through channels on Youtube are then noticed by TV stations… on that note, I’d say it is easier to have your talents noticed nowadays, especially in the trying times of COVID-19. But not everyone would have the access though.

Oh, I guess the government is also trying to help us musicians in a way through their ‘PRISMA’ programs. Maybe that’s where the musicians can start off…


Q4 — Do you believe any music talent programs will help? Like Britain Got talent etc.


Answer :

Like what I’ve replied earlier, online is the new trend. All we need to do is find a way to do a small setup at home, and perhaps, you’ll be on your way to start off so from home.

And in this case, the telecommunications technology and infrastructure that we currently have, is available to do that. Perhaps, for singers and entertainers, set up an online streaming live shows from your home… get your fans to contribute some monetary to start off a live concert from your own home… maybe, I don’t know. It’s a start…


Q5 — What are your future plans for the music industry? I believe you even started acting in a local drama. Can you describe the experience?


Answer :

As we speak/write, I am working on my current album, Nadi Cinta Kita, which has been released under Luncai Emas Sdn Bhd for the past 6 months but due to COVID-19, all promotions have to be postponed and that is taking a whole lot of my time and money.

But, what needs to be followed, I am still adhering… hoping I’ll start this back again after the MCO is done.

Acting however, is already in my blood since the early 90s, just that I wanted to focus on my singing career until I got married, then everything just quiet down in my life.

Yep! I’m back acting, and hopefully, after these drama opportunities I’ve acted for the past 2 years is aired on TV, there would be a game changing situation for myself within the entertainment industry with 3 dramas role.

  1. Mencari Kiblat Cinta (Playing now on TV OKEY, RTM)
  2. Pelangi Hati (COMING SOON)
  3. My Sweetheart Hannan (COMING SOON)

Experience wise, it has been a good return for me to the industry with these 3 dramas and at the same time I’m telling my fans and the industry… hey! I’m still around and available…


Q6 — During this MCO, how do you cope up with the challenges in the music industry. 

Answer :

Besides getting the iSinar & iLestari, I survived by doing some delivery jobs… which is helping me out getting some extra income here and there.


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