TalentCorp will continue to actively empower women

TalentCorp will continue to actively empower women

TALENT Corporation Malaysia (TalentCorp) will continue to actively promote the culture of diversity, equity and inclusion or DEI ( Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) in an effort to spur the empowerment of women in Malaysia.

TalentCorp Chief Executive Officer, Thomas Mathew said it was very important to provide a conducive work environment, support and encourage women to contribute to their potential equally as men in the workforce.

This effort is said to be in line with TalentCorp’s mandate under the Ministry of Human Resources to attract, cultivate and retain the best talent regardless of gender, and meet industry needs.

“TalentCorp also plays a role in driving the national agenda for economic empowerment of underrepresented and underutilized talent pools – particularly women.

“This was achieved through several key initiatives, including the ‘ Career Comeback’ training program ; work-life balance practices or ‘ work-life practices’ ; Council of Experts on the Women’s Agenda Council ; and the ‘ YES! Women ‘ and ‘ YES! Rock The School ‘,” he said.

He said this in his remarks at the Inauguration of the National Diversity Summit and Women Career Convention 2022 or NDS and WCC 2022.

With the NDS and WCC programs launched today, he emphasized that TalentCorp is committed to fostering the inclusion of women in the Malaysian workforce and paying greater attention to the challenges women still face in the workplace.

“Our goal is to ensure the Malaysian labor market is free from discrimination and marginalization, in line with the vision of the 2030 Shared Prosperity Insight.

“We also hope that companies in Malaysia will continue to increase their efforts and commitment to develop a workforce and workplace that prioritizes diversity, inclusiveness and thoroughness,” he said.

At the same time, Mathew said that the achievements and contributions of women in the development of the country are very significant, not only in the social aspect, but also in all aspects of the development of the country, including the economy and politics.

This he said can be seen through the increase in the country’s annual score in the Global Gender Gap Index by the World Economic Forum.

“I hope all interested parties can come together to work hand in hand so that the kingdom can achieve 59 percent inclusion of women in the labor market by 2025 as detailed in the 12th Malaysia Draft,” he said.

source – wilayahku


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