Take advantage of the KWP house offer – Alyah

Take advantage of the KWP house offer – Alyah

MANY cannot afford to buy a house due to various obstacles including too low salary, high commitment, rising cost of living and expensive house prices.

Aware of this, singer Alyah called for the people, especially the Federal Territories, to take advantage of the Malaysian Family Care Residency facilities provided by the government.

“If I see an ad for a house for sale at a high price in the middle of the city, sometimes my heart ticks, can I afford a newly married couple or those who just want to own their first house to buy?

“Then, when I found out that there is a Malaysia Family Caring Residence that is sold to first-time home buyers at a price below RM200,000 thousand, that’s really okay, right?,” she wrote on her Instagram account.

According to the Cinta Sahabiyah singer, this kind of opportunity should not be wasted because it is very beneficial.

“I know that now many people are ‘slammed’ in their daily lives. Plus those who have a lot of commitment. What else do you want to buy a house?

“Do not give up. This is the best deal for you to buy a house. Who knows there is sustenance. Have to try! If you want to look at the house of choice, you can go to the related portal, he said he wants to build it in Putrajaya later,” he added.

For any further information, please visit https://residensiprihatin.kwp.gov.my

source – wilayahku


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