Synth-pop Musician Sasha Bonn Released Debut Single on September 16

Synth-pop Musician Sasha Bonn Released Debut Single on September 16

“Omega” is an ’80s-inspired electropop love song with a touch of house music

Sasha Bonn

MIAMI, Sept. 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Rising synth-pop musician Sasha Bonn released his debut single, “Omega,” an ’80s-inspired electropop love song with a touch of house music’, on September 16.

“When writing this track, I found my inspiration in retro synth-pop music,” Bonn said. “The ’80s music was a part of my life, although I grew up in the ’90s.

“See, I was born in Eastern Europe and American music was about five years late in that part of the world. So, I can claim that I am an ’80s baby as well.

“In recent years, I grew to love the sounds of Roland synthesizers, so I used a lot of them in this track. I featured the classic, iconic synthesizers Jupiter-8 and Juno-106 in hopes that they will bring you that retro feel, and you will experience the 1980s like you were alive then,” Bonn said.

Bonn immigrated to the United States from Eastern Europe in August 2007 and immediately became involved in musical projects in Orange County, California.

One of his first projects was 7 Seconds to Heaven, an alternative music band with some European rock influences. Later, Bonn’s acoustic pop duo Winter’s Flight recorded an EP, “A Place Where Memories Fade,” and shot a music video to the song “Chains.” The duo played local festivals and coffee shops and gave a performance on KBOO in Portland, Oregon.

In addition to joining bands and recording songs, some of which were played on college radio, Bonn wrote soundtracks for short films.

In 2020, Bonn moved to Miami, Florida, where he began his electropop musical journey.

With “Omega,” Bonn’s goal was to create a song that could be played in the clubs and that people could dance to. He used simple piano chords throughout to keep the song uncomplicated.

Lyrically, Bonn said, “I try to play a little bit with the rhyme, switching the patterns in every quatrain. It does sound simple and easy, yet I wanted to add some kick to that simplicity. It is a love song, as you probably understood. However, since it’s retro synth-pop, I had to add some ‘space’ feel to it. That’s why I blend star metaphors into the mix.”

The song starts with the line, “We start at the end and move to beginning,” which means that instead of walking the road together from start to finish, two people in the story do the opposite. They are already at some point in their relationships, yet they try to start from scratch, Bonn said.

“Let’s start at Alpha and get to Omega” pretty much means that instead of doing that, they should start and end the journey properly, he said.

Bonn recorded “Omega” in his home studio using a Shure SM7B mic boosted with Cloudlifter, the same microphone that Michael Jackson used to record “Thriller,” noted Bonn.

To learn more about Bonn and hear his music, visit “Omega” can be downloaded for free at Bonn can also be followed on most social media channels.


Sasha Bonn

SOURCE – Sasha Bonn

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