Syatilla Melvin experienced complications of placenta previa, many share tips!

Syatilla Melvin experienced complications of placenta previa, many share tips!

NEW intending to try a normal birth, actress Syatilla Melvin had to undergo surgery to give birth to her third baby this time after being diagnosed with placenta previa or uri which is at the bottom.

According to Syatilla, he seemed strange when he experienced bleeding every time he did a lot of movement or lifted heavy objects. After doing a monthly check -up, only then will the real cause be known.

Through her Instagram, the wife of Shaheizy Sam shared the story.

“I went to check up the doctor and told me the word placenta previa. Why not placenta proton to preve to perodua to.

“Because lately it’s been bleeding, there’s a lot of bleeding, raising a bleeding child, a little bit of bleeding. Apparently uri kat bawah, ”he shared on Instagram.

In fact, the mother of these two children said that the contents of these three were very different from her two previous children.

Most notably, said Syatilla, he could not produce content to promote his own product, Kekasih. As soon as he saw his stuff, he started to feel dizzy.

“Other children really bring him. But number 3 is really weird. From the beginning it was weird. Until now, I didn’t want to promote my own product.

“It’s been a long time since I made content for my lover. When you hold the product, you feel dizzy. Isn’t that weird ?, ”he shared again.

Although a little disappointed with the doctor’s news, Syatilla said she calmed down for the safety of the baby in her womb. What is important to her is a healthy and safe baby.

“So No. 3, the doctor confirmed that my stomach was also split. I just plan to try VBAC, I don’t really have any money. It doesn’t matter, what do you want to be with the mother even if it is, the promise of the mother’s child is perfectly safe, amen.

“Btw, the doc told me to be warded 36 weeks later. But I want to celebrate but I don’t want to be warded anymore, “he wrote sharing.

Meanwhile, the mother of Syeriv and Syarima also asked her followers to share stories and experiences about placenta previa.

“Oh my God, who else has experience facing placenta previa? Please share, Tilla wants to read, “he wrote.

Most of his followers also shared the same problems they faced and shared tips and practices for re-raising the uri to the top.

source – Pa and Ma

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