Syamsul Yusof breaks own record, ‘Mat Kilau’ earnings continue to soar

Syamsul Yusof breaks own record, ‘Mat Kilau’ earnings continue to soar

The total collection for the film in 11 days is RM47 million and is expected to easily break the record set by Munafik 2

IT seems that the phenomenon of epic film Mat Kilau’s is still going strong. In fact, the daily collection is ever-increasing, breaking the record for the highest collection in one day of screening.

Last Saturday, in just one day, Mat Kilau managed to collect RM7.3 million. And subsequently, on day 11, the film directed by Syamsul Yusof managed to collect RM47 million.

“Going by the extraordinary daily momentum, it seems that Mat Kilau will indeed break the record of my own film, Munafik 2.

“I am very grateful to God. Thank you to Malaysian filmgoers who are still accepting of Syamsul Yusof’s works.

“I am touched that they still support not only Mat Kilau, but also my previous films,” Syamsul told Getaran.

Syamsul shared that the total collection of the previous Munafik 2 film was RM48 million (within 50 days).

Looking at the warm response from the Malaysian audience, he is confident that Mat Kilau will easily break the record collection of Munafik 2.

“I’m actually competing with myself. For me, this is a very special achievement.

“This will be continuous. God willing, maybe in the future, this will motivate and encourage not only myself but also other artists to produce films that cater to the audience and with a good message,” he said.

Since its first screening in cinemas on June 23, Mat Kilau has had a positive impact on Malaysians. It is rumored that many parents have started registering their children to take martial arts classes.

Hopefully there will be more quality films like Mat Kilau produced and can cultivate identity and awareness.

source – The Vibes

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