Syamsul published a new film not under Skop Production

Syamsul published a new film not under Skop Production

DIRECTOR and producer, Datuk Yusof Haslam refused to give any comment about his son, Syamsul Yusof who will produce a film but not under Skop Production.

Yusof said that he did not want to touch on the matter since it involved the issue of having children which can be said to be quite sensitive.

“I don’t want to comment on things related to Syamsul. That’s his right.

“I know about this after hearing it from people. That’s his right. I don’t want to comment anything.

“And I also understand, he didn’t make KL Gangster 3, he changed the title and he made this story. But that’s his right.

“This thing involves children, it’s sensitive,” he said.

Yusof Haslam was asked to comment on the new film, The Original Gangster which is understood to be produced by Syamsul with Razor Edge Pictures.

Through a poster uploaded by Syamsul on Instagram recently, the film director Mat Kilau revealed that the film The Original Gangster is the most expensive modern action film ever produced.

On the poster, the actors who are said to star in the film are Datuk Aaron Aziz, Beto Kusyairi, Sharnaaz Ahmad, Yayan Ruhian, Datuk Rosyam Nor and Syamsul Yusof Sendiri.

Syamsul also introduced his film production company, Syamsul Yusof Films Sdn. Bhd.

source – Gempak

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