Syafiq Kyle is willing to be hurted for the sake of the Siku 12 movie

Syafiq Kyle is willing to be hurted for the sake of the Siku 12 movie

ACTOR Syafiq Kyle thinks it is normal when an actor suffers a physical injury in order to succeed in an action role.

For the sake of the film Siku 12: Langkah Derhaka produced by Power Team Entertainment Sdn Bhd, Syafiq admitted to having bruises on his legs and hands as well as a lump on his head due to being bumped during the fight scene in the ring.

According to Syafiq or his real name is Mohd Syafiq Shamim Abdul Razak, 30, the minor injury he suffered is a sign that he always gives his best and is willing to challenge himself in a film that risks the martial art of Siku 12.

“During the previous Movement Control Order (MCO), I did spend time exercising and training at the gym.

“Thus, I have no problem from the aspect of stamina and fitness to play the fight scene as a boxer in the movie Siku 12: Step of Rebellion,” he said.

SYAFIQ Kyle with the Executive Producer of the film Siku 12, Hafiz Nafiah.

Sharing the challenge, Syafiq said, he is grateful to have a foundation in the martial art of Muay Thai, which he has been interested in for a long time.

“Besides having the basics of Muay Thai, I also trained with the Siku 12 martial art teacher from Penang before starting filming.

“It’s called an action movie, I also had bruises on my legs and hands and a bump on my head because I was hit when I was successful in the fight scene in the ring,” he said.

In the action genre film directed by Azhari Zain, Syafiq teamed up with famous actor, Zahiril Adzim as the lead.

It was strengthened by the appearance of actors such as Moon, Lobak and Datuk Tuan Asmawi Tuan Umar and assisted by Pon Muay Thai, Anas Mentor, Shahmiey Odd, Pak Salleh, Chiang, Azman Ahmad and Bai Chot.

Regarding the collaboration with Zahiril, Syafiq said, it was the first time he collaborated with the senior actor.

“Zahiril also has a foundation in martial arts and I also have no problem getting acting compatibility with him.

“He is not only an experienced senior actor but also funny when on location,” he said.

Among other challenges, Syafiq said, he needed to master the Kedah dialect to portray the main character as Atid in the film.

The film Siku 12: Steps of Rebellion, which has just been shown in cinemas across Malaysia starting on October 27, tells the story of Atid and A Wut of Siamese descent, two good friends living in Kampung Siam, Pendang, Kedah.

They are very interested in the martial art of Muay Thai, not to mention, Muay Thai competitions are organized after the rice harvest open to boxers from Thailand, every year.

However, because of jealousy and being willing to betray, it has finally caused the friendship to be destroyed.

What’s the ending, watch the film Siku 12: Steps of Rebellion in theaters now.

source – wilayahku

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