Sunway is expanding its shopping complex in Penang

Sunway is expanding its shopping complex in Penang

Sunway is expanding its shopping complex in Penang, 80 per cent of the premises have started operations

KUALA LUMPUR: The situation of economic uncertainty and COVID-19 is not an obstacle for the Sunway shopping mall operator to continue to expand its business.

This can be seen through the opening of the Sunway Carnival Mall shopping center based in Seberang Perai, Penang, which started operating today even though it is still in the renovation phase.

The opening of Sunway Carnival Mall also saw its retail space expanded to 1 million square feet and 80 per cent of the premises began to be fully operational.

Its chief executive officer, HC Chan, said the entry rate of new premises is expected to continue to increase over the next three months once the renovation process is fully completed.

“The opening of this shopping center offers 2,000 new job opportunities, especially for the locals.

“This effort is in line with the government’s objective in restoring the country’s economic situation,” he said in a statement on Friday.

Commenting further, Chan said, the shopping center which cost RM500 million saw an increase of 60 percent of business premises including 3,200 parking spaces provided.

At the same time, he is targeting a total of 15 million visitors who will come to the mall within a year.

“Penang has a good increase potential with a population density of 1,500 people in each area.

“With the situation beginning to return to normal in an era of endemic transition, including the reopening of international borders, this effort is considered timely,” he added.

source – Hilmi Malik

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