Suffering from various chronic diseases, Iskandar Spring needs help

Suffering from various chronic diseases, Iskandar Spring needs help

ISKANDAR is now paralyzed and also suffering from various chronic diseases such as diabetes, difficulty speaking and undergoing dialysis due to kidney complications.

The FOUNDER and leader of the group who is also Spring’s guitarist, Iskandar is now paralyzed and also suffers from various chronic diseases such as diabetes, difficulty speaking and undergoing dialysis due to kidney complications.

Impressed by the condition of Iskandar or his real name, Tengku Raden Iskandar Tengku Ismail, 54, who is now unable to work and has no source of livelihood, his two best friends, Ameng Spring and Umarul Iklim, proposed this problem to the Malaysian Employees’ Association (KARYAWAN).

To help Iskandar, KARYAWAN designed a Solidarity for Iskandar Spring charity tour throughout the country.

“After thinking of several methods to help the problems faced by Iskandar, we decided to organize a tour program throughout the country and hold a performance in the form of busking to raise funds to finance the suffering of Iskandar’s brother who has been homeless for a year.

“Given that his cost requirements are quite large which is around RM 40,000 to cover medical costs and expenses throughout the year (Average monthly cost is RM 3,000) we found that this simple presentation module is the most economical way in terms of organizing capital and we are confident that we can achieve our goals,” said Datuk Freddie Fernandez as President KARYAWAN.

He said, KARYAWAN has organized three main locations which are the location of Relax Art @ TAR (Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman Kuala Lumpur), Padang Kota, Pulau Pinang and Terengganu Drawbridge, Kuala Terengganu.

In addition, the Solidarity Untuk Iskandar Spring charity tour series will also continue in several other locations such as Ipoh, Kota Bharu and others on a date to be determined later.

As a curtain-raiser for the tour series, the Kuala Lumpur City Hall EMPLOYEES and Department of Culture, Arts, Tourism and Sports started the first series of tours at Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman in conjunction with the weekly program Relaxing Art@TAR (In front of KAMDAR) on 29 January 2023 (Sunday) starting at 2.30 to 6.30 pm.

This first series also featured a line-up of famous and prestigious performers namely Ameng Spring, Umarul Iklim, Syafiq Farhain, Alim Kris, Maman Teachers Pet, Bob Sentuhan, Mus Kemala, Belle Fattah, Iss Arffan, Black Maria, Islah & The People and Radhi Khalid as MC.

“The donation collection mechanism is through the charity sale of some art products, religious CDs, potter’s tubes, QR Codes and also online where throughout the performance it is also broadcast live,” explained Freddie at the Solidarity for Iskandar Spring press conference, recently. recently.

At the event, this Solidarity fund also received donations from Qew Communications Sdn.Bhd., and Meta Music Xtreme (Maman Teachers Pet Music Label).

Also present in this media siding ceremony are some strategic partners who are the organizers in the next location which is Penang.

As a sign of support for the efforts of KARYAWAN and artists, the public is invited to attend every performance that will be held.

While being entertained by a line-up of prestigious artists and musicians from the country, you can donate wholeheartedly in solidarity to help Iskandar.

You can also contribute directly to the fund through the following details No. Account : 3108024130 (Public Bank) Account Name: Persatuan Karyawan Malaysia.

source – wilayahku

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