Suci Dalam Debu composer ‘Wan Zul’ was safely buried

Suci Dalam Debu composer ‘Wan Zul’ was safely buried

KEMAMAN: The body of the famous composer Che Wan Zulkifli Che Wan Abdul Ghani, 61, or better known as Wan Zul, was safely buried at the Kijal Islamic Cemetery, here at about 2.30 this afternoon.

The late Che Wan Zulkifli breathed his last at about 2.30 this morning at Kemaman Hospital due to a bacterial infection in the lungs due to melioidosis.

According to his son Che Wan Nur Adli Che Wan Zulkifli, 31, since last Monday his father has been put to sleep due to his declining health.

“It was around six o’clock when I saw him panting, his breathing was fast, there was no one to look after him at that time. Indeed, my mother came back for a moment. He was panting, then told the doctor what was going on (before putting him to sleep),” he said. when found today.

Meanwhile, the former drummer of the Iklim group, Kamaruddin Ibrahim, 58, described Che Wan Zulkifli’s passing as the biggest loss for the country’s music industry.

“I am very sad, I lost a person who raised the climate group, and I represent my friends praying that the deceased will be placed among the believers,” he said.

The late Che Wan Zulkifli left a wife, Tengku Siti Famah and a couple of children, Che Wan Nursyikin and Che Wan Nur Adli.

His career as a composer saw the deceased create the popular songs of the climate group namely Suci Dalam Debu, Alas Seribu Kali Sayang and Biography Cinta Luka.

The deceased also created other popular songs such as Hanya Satu Persinggahan (Ekamatra), Between the Sutras and the Moon (Damasutra), Kerana Takdir (Saleem), Itulah Cintaku (Ilusi) and several other songs.

source – Astro Awani

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