Stroke causes death Betty White – Report

Stroke causes death Betty White – Report

LOS ANGELES: A stroke was confirmed to be the cause of actress Betty White’s death on New Year’s Eve last year, according to a copy of her death certificate posted online by portal on Monday.

The certificate states White’s cause of death as a ‘ cerebrovascular accident’ , a medical term for a stroke or loss of blood flow to the brain caused by a clot or a ruptured blood vessel, resulting in damage to brain tissue.

According to documents released by the Los Angeles Department of Public Health, White suffered a stroke six days before his death. However, the Health Agency and the District Registrar’s Office, where important records are kept, declined to comment.

“Betty died in her sleep peacefully without pain. This (died peacefully) to some extent gave me peace of mind, as her friend,” said White’s agent Jeff Witjas.

TMZ quoted an unnamed source, as saying White was still conscious before dying while sleeping at his home.

White, who was popular through the television sitcoms The Golden Girls and The Mary Tyler Moore Show , died on Dec. 31, less than three weeks before her 100th birthday.


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