Strategic communication unit will be strengthened to intensify information delivery efforts – Annuar

Strategic communication unit will be strengthened to intensify information delivery efforts – Annuar

KUALA LUMPUR: Strategic communication units in all ministries will be strengthened to intensify information delivery efforts so that the people know the efforts undertaken by the government, said Communications and Multimedia Minister Tan Sri Annuar Musa.

He said the matter was decided with the addition of allocations from the norm to strengthen the work of imparting information and data to media practitioners and Malaysian families.

Annuar said efforts to strengthen the delivery of information in each ministry was seen as necessary so that the people were not trapped by partially true information on social media because if the government did not provide true information, false information may be used.

“Anything that is discussed, decided, we will share with the people. I will share twice a week whatever information is received and action taken by the government so that the people know. So we have to change the way we work by giving more information to the people, need to be transparent in conveying data, information and developments.

“Not only that, I have also discussed with all the secretary general of the ministry. Give cooperation to the media, editors and all parties who want to get information without violating the Official Secrets Act (OSA),” he said after the Narrative Talk program published by RTM last night.

Touching on the issue of cooking oil supply in the country, Annuar who is also the Chairman of the Jihad Special Team to Tackle Inflation said those responsible should not try to hide but instead cooperate with the efforts implemented by the government.

“We emphasize that if they do not cooperate and I find that smuggling is still going on, we will look for options to change the system completely, they will lose business.

“So if you want to continue the business, do it right. Don’t misuse the people’s funds that we subsidize but the goods do not reach the people.

“We want them to run the business with the right things, we are willing to provide various facilities including giving quotas to them because we want them to run the business. But they cannot manipulate the system to the point of being weak and unsuccessful,” he said.

source – BERNAMA

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