“Stop the culture of criticism, it’s drop the face of the artist on TV” – Aubrey Suwito

“Stop the culture of criticism, it’s drop the face of the artist on TV” – Aubrey Suwito

“Stop the culture of criticism, it’s drop the face of the artist on TV” – Aubrey scoffs at the way critics of reality shows

KUALA LUMPUR: The culture of scolding artists directly which makes them cry should be stopped immediately.

That was expressed by the music director and producer, Aubrey Suwito, who thinks there is another way to give a stern warning to artists who participate in television programs in the form of competitions.

“Personally, I think ‘ on-air humiliation ‘ needs to stop. If you are angry, go to his dressing room after the show.

“To all the artists who have been criticized on TV, be patient! Keep being yourself. Try to improve yourself but stay true to your strength and style of music,” he wrote in several tweets on Twitter.

Recently, controversy erupted following singers Sissy Iman and Naim Daniel who participated in a television program, were given a rather rude reprimand by one of the judges, when they failed to deliver the song Jampi that was changed into a keroncong rhythm properly.

In the meantime, Aubrey who often collaborates with the country’s greatest singers such as Datuk Seri Siti Nurhaliza, Dayang Nurfaizah, Ernie Zakri and many others said that singers should not be pressured to be versatile, but instead given space to build their identity and talent according to their own capacity.

“Music genres are different. It requires different strengths, styles and talents. Do you expect a football player to also be a great tennis and hockey player?

“True, there are some artists who can sing multiple genres with ease, but is that all we want? Is that really important? Do we like Anuar Zain and Sheila Majid because they are versatile?

“But here, every week television stations expect artists to be versatile, and challenge them to sing every genre that exists and expect the best performance. If Blackpink were here, we might expect them to sing original songs one day,” he wrote.

A great music industry, Aubrey insists, is one that embraces and celebrates the diversity of genres that artists perform.

The creator of the Gemilang song explained again, society should change the focus to the strength and uniqueness of artists instead of wanting to humiliate them.

“Remember the former winner of American Idol, Adam Lambert? He made any songs in his own way. That’s music, that’s artistic development,” he said.

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