‘Stop Lookin’ Entertainment’ In a Post-COVID World

‘Stop Lookin’ Entertainment’ In a Post-COVID World

MIAMI, June 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — What started out as a streetwear movement in Miami has been pushing boundaries in the live entertainment industry. Stop Lookin’ is getting recognized for more than their seasonal exclusive streetwear drops, evident from their successful launch event featuring performances from Note Marcato (son of Swizz Beatz) and others in July 2018.

After leveraging connections with Cactus Jack Records, facilitated by Jackson Patrich of Schlepper Boy Vision in 2019, Stop Lookin’ began to give fans access to artists they love but don’t have many opportunities to see. A successful show in Bloomington, Indiana with Chase B as its headliner proved they were moving in the right direction. They have also worked with other artists such as Murda Beatz, Dzeko, and others on club shows throughout the country.

COVID-19 interrupted the momentum Stop Lookin’ had spent two years building. Along with the rest of the live entertainment industry, Stop Lookin’ founders were forced to reevaluate. 2020 was going to be their breakout year. Instead, events were cancelled, but they’ve taken this time to dream up bigger and better things.

The Stop Lookin team proved they can pull off insane events with less than a month to prepare. Given the time freed up by COVID-19 to plan, they’re bound to pull out all the stops and impress. They’ve succeeded in the entertainment industry before and they’ll continue to do so. The team knows fans will be desperate to see live music as COVID-19 restrictions continue to lift, and they plan to be at the forefront of the reopening.

Stop Lookin also expanded its entertainment arm into the recording studio business, opening up “Stop Lookin Studios” in Wynwood February 1st of 2021, garnering significant interest from Miami-based artists.

Stop Lookin isn’t a name you want to forget. For updates on upcoming events, exclusive merchandise drops, and access to book studio time at their Wynwood location, check them out on instagram @stoplookin_entertainment.

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