Staunch Moderates™ – Rapper Casanova Ace and DJ Staunch Launch New Album ‘The First Realm’

Staunch Moderates™ – Rapper Casanova Ace and DJ Staunch Launch New Album ‘The First Realm’

Staunch Moderates™ – Rapper Casanova Ace and DJ Staunch Launch New Album ‘The First Realm’ with Music Giants, Doobie Bros. Steely Dan’s Jeffrey Skunk Baxter, Tears for Fears, Mamie Van Doren

Their Debut album sharing the movement’s story through music with Lou Ferrigno & Barry Goldwater Jr.

~The album “The First Realm” drops September 15, 2021

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The first album released by the intellectual movement Staunch Moderates is called “The First Realm,” a collection of melodic spoken word tracks, a narrative of the history of the movement written and performed by Staunch Moderates co-founder Gregory T. Simmons and rapper Casanova Ace (a.k.a. Clemmie Garard). Since December of 2019 the Staunch Moderates Movement has been driven by concern about the extreme partisan, hateful positions and violence that has been taking place in the U.S. . To address this divide the movement’s staunch posture and invitation to celebrate love, peace, and all that is good in humanity. After the election, starting in December of 2020 Staunch Moderates began this new album project to help tell the story of the movement, the people behind it and express the movement’s common sense philosophy borrowed from our forefathers.

Notable producers and musicians contributing to the album include Jeffery Skunk Baxter, lead guitarist for the Doobie Brothers and founding member of Steely Dan and CJ Vanston, former keyboardist for Tears for Fears, who also collaborated with many of the greats throughout his career (Dali Lama, Ringo Star, Joe Cocker, etc.). The song “Journey” on the album, which is a lyrical retelling of the movement’s journey, features legendary singer and actress Mamie Van Doren. Known as the “First Lady of Rock-n-Roll,” Ms. Van Doren was the first female vocalist to sing rock-n-roll in a Hollywood movie. Her presence on the album brings influence from all of the musical genres defining her illustrious past.

“The First Realm” was produced by Gregory T. Simmons, Ricardo Tolbert and Meshach M. Lewis at the legendary music studio Chicago Recording Company, where great musicians have recorded, including Michael Jackson, Coldplay, Sting, Smokey Robinson, Celine Dion, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Pharrell Williams, Snoop Dogg and Ice Cube.

The album’s 14 distinctly different songs were inspired by four of the most influential U.S. musical genres– Jazz, R&B, Hip Hop and Rock. The album has been compared to a current day Hamilton musical with the songs theatrical in their storytelling. The stories cover what the Staunch Moderates movement is all about, the various big characters associated with it, a number of iconic American personalities both liberal and conservative, American culture through the country’s beloved game of baseball, the major challenges our society is dealing with today and the Staunch Moderates journey through it.

“The First Realm” will be available September 15, 2021, on all platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music/iTunes, Amazon Music, Facebook Music, Pandora, SoundCloud, and YouTube, with an additional 54 outlets globally.


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