‘Starting today you have to…’ – Michael Ang put conditions

‘Starting today you have to…’ – Michael Ang put conditions

Popular DIRECTOR, Michael Ang expressed his views on the attitude of a few actors involved in the hotly debated location love issue.

Michael insisted, the cast who will work under his direction have to sign a contract in which the agreement is, they cannot have romantic relationships while on set.

“Starting today, whoever is the male or female actor in my set, has to sign a contract that they will not make love near the set,” he said through a recent sharing on Instagram.

At the same time, the director of the drama ‘The Maid’ also admitted that he felt tired when asked questions from the media who asked him to comment on the issue.

Michael’s question, why is he the one who has to answer the issue when he is not the one who caused the controversy.

” I’m stressed about having to deal with reporters who call , then say they want to do marketing .

“The one who is in love, scandalized is the person, not me! I’m stressed, just shut down today. Tell them to act instead of making love,” he added.

Earlier, it was hot on social media when there was a ‘heroine’ who was said to like and fall in love with her partner through a drama.


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