Stacy’s brother died

Stacy’s brother died

KUALA LUMPUR: Singer Stacy Anam’s brother Chaq, 35, who was involved in a road accident on March 12, died at 3.30 this morning at Sibu Hospital, Sarawak.

The news of the passing of Chaq or his real name, Camellus Delleli Anam was conveyed by his younger brother, Aldrich Andy Anam.
“My brother is gone. His heart stopped around 3.30 in the morning,” Aldrich told Astro AWANI .

Besides Aldrich, who was also by Chaq’s side when his late brother closed his eyes for the last time was their mother Agnes Carlos.
Aldrich said, the family calmed down and accepted the fate with open arms.

“Mum is okay and we (the family) calmed down and surrendered since Chaq went to the hospital again,” Aldrich said again.

For now, Chaq’s body, explained Aldrich, is still at Sibu Hospital and the family will take care of bringing the body back to their hometown in Penampang, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah for burial.

According to Aldrich, his sister, Stacy, is expected to arrive in Kota Kinabalu from Kuala Lumpur tomorrow to pay her last respects to the late Chaq together with her family.

The late Chaq was involved in an accident in Bintangor, Sarawak which resulted in him suffering bleeding in the head.

Following the tragedy, Chaq, who is also a participant in a reality program and a part-time singer, is fighting for his life in the hospital despite having undergone two surgeries due to the bleeding.

Some of Chaq’s internal organs suffered from disorders including heart problems in addition to liver and spleen suffering injuries.

A few days ago, Stacy also asked for the prayers of many hoping that her brother would continue to fight hard and return to health as before.

“Please pray for recovery for my brother Chaq. I hope he continues to be strong, but I can feel that he is fighting. God willing, he must be able to,” she said.

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