Spend quality time this International Friendship Day with Disney+Hotstar

Spend quality time this International Friendship Day with Disney+Hotstar

Celebrate International Friendship Day this year with a TV marathon featuring some of the most unconventional friendships

SOME friendships are forged in the most unlikely places and this makes for some interesting stories to share. From tentative alliances to unbreakable bonds, here’s a list of six squads that show you what it means to be a true friend on Disney+ Hotstar.

Marvel Studios’ Ms Marvel – Kamala, Nakia, and Bruno (pictured above)

Kamala Khan, a Muslim American teenager growing up in Jersey City, is a superhero mega fan who struggles to fit in at school and sometimes even at home – but at least she has her two best friends Bruno and Nakia on her side. However, when she suddenly gains superpowers, can she keep her friends safe and learn to wield her new abilities without giving her identity away? Catch the antics of this heroic trio, with all six episodes of Ms Marvel now streaming exclusively on Disney+ Hotstar.

IN THE SOOP : Friendcation – Park Seo-jun, Peakboy, Choi Woo-shik, Park Hyung-sik and V from BTS

Kick back and relax alongside some of Korea’s biggest stars as five celebrity friends step away from their busy everyday lives to unwind together in a surprise trip to the countryside. Featuring laughter-filled moments and earnest heart-to-hearts as they enjoy nature and indulge in their favourite pastimes together, hardcore fans and casual viewers alike will surely be endeared by the close-knit bond shared between these global stars. Don’t miss the four-episode series exclusively on Disney+ Hotstar, with new episodes releasing every Friday until August 12.

Adamas – Ha Woo-shin and Song Soo-hyun

Twin brothers Woo-shin and Soo-hyun make for an unlikely duo after the murder of their beloved stepfather twenty-two years ago which tore them apart. Now, old wounds are reopened and conspiracies abound when they learn their birth father was falsely accused of the crime – forcing them to work together to uncover the truth. Go down the rabbit hole of secrets, twists, and a plot to topple a modern-day empire in this fast-paced mystery series, premiering July 27.

Big Mouth – Park Chang-Ho and Go Mi-Ho

Bumbling lawyer Park Chang-Ho’s never-ending streak of misfortune takes his life from bad to worse when he agrees to take on a mysterious murder case only to find himself imprisoned.While he fights to survive life in prison and clear his name, his tenacious wife Go Mi-Ho risks everything to win his freedom. Starring Lee Jong-Suk and Lim Yoona, watch as this plucky husband-wife duo put f their relationship to the test in this thrilling new series starting July 29.

Ejen Ali Season 3 – Ali and friends

Our favorite local Ejen returns, and he’s not alone! This season, Ali faces new challenges as he survives without the supercomputer IRIS and strives to honour his mother’s legacy, while reuniting with his friends and fellow Ejens for a secret competition at MATA Arena. How will Ali and his friends fare in a high-stakes competition against highly-skilled international Ejens and a secret plot to disrupt MATA comes to light? Watch as they showcase their teamwork against all odds and follow his adventures only on Disney+ Hotstar.

Only Murders in the Building S2 – Mabel, Oliver and Charles

How many true crime podcasters does it take to solve a murder? In Season 2, Mabel, Oliver and Charles must race to unmask the killer of Bunny Folger – a task made all the more complicated when all three of them are publicly implicated in her homicide. Starring Steve Martin, Selena Gomez and Martin Short, see how far the bonds of friendship go when this unlikely trio is faced with murder in this Original hit comedy.

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