Special report: What happened to Bukit Tabur?

Special report: What happened to Bukit Tabur?

EVERY weekend, of course many city dwellers spend time with family and friends, and one of the favorite activities at this time is hill climbing or hiking.

Bukit Tabur located in Melawati, Kuala Lumpur is one of the popular locations among fans of this activity because it has tracks suitable for various levels, and presents the beauty of flora and fauna along the way.

Most coveted by climbers, is the amazing view as soon as the feet step on the top of this hill 396 meters above sea level.

However, behind the attraction and beauty of the Permatang Kuarza, there is the concern of residents and climbers who are aware of deforestation activities in the area.

They claimed that several areas along the route to the summit appeared to be gondolas, believed to have been described by the owner of the land with agricultural status, for development.

See for yourself the real situation

I went with the residents to Bukit Tabur recently to take a closer look at the evidence of the allegations. Just 12 minutes of climbing, you can already see that this private land area is starting to be developed.

Although it is privately owned, for the residents, they are worried about the impact of the activity on the environment and the structure of the hill itself, in addition to whether it is carried out in accordance with the procedures set by the Ampang Jaya Municipal Council.

According to Deputy Chairman of Taman Melawati Residents’ Association, Mohan Satkunasingam, the threat of natural disasters such as landslides is a matter of great concern to the surrounding residents.

Especially when several episodes of landslides have occurred around the Ampang and Melawati areas in recent times.

“In this case, we actually noticed that there is development in the Bukit Tabur area, specifically following the trail from the site to the pinpoint (the first location of land rejection).

“We see that there is a lot of development, but we want to know the most important thing, whether this development is orderly, meaning that the local authority (PBT) has issued a Planning Permit (KM) to these people or not?.

“Because they should have applied for KM. From what we observed from the trail, we can clearly see that there is activity where this land (at risk) will collapse in the near future, or in the long term,” he claimed.

A resident who is also a staunch climber who always climbs the hill, Datuk Ajay Ubrani, said he saw many changes during his 28 years of living in the area.

“I have lived here for over 28 years… at Kemensah Height. This area became my main jogging track every few days.

“I have explored everything in Bukit Tabur, the beautiful scenery makes me always choose this hill as a location to sweat,” he explained.

However, the development carried out by the landowner obviously upset the climbers and the surrounding residents who want the area to be preserved

“This development is something that residents have been concerned about before because it is feared that it will affect the beauty of the flora and fauna here.

“Some action needs to be taken to deal with this problem, I was relieved when MPAJ previously issued a notice and the development works were also stopped with them.

“We hope that every development or work carried out in this area takes into account the voice of the people of Kemensah. We live here forever, so we also have the right to know about the development carried out so that our hearts will be happy if they follow the correct procedures,” he added.

The flood in Kampung Kemensah destroyed the peace of the residents

Meanwhile, the Secretary of Taman Melawati Residents’ Association, Abdul Razak Mahmud, said residents’ concerns about their safety increased after the flood incident in Kampung Kemensah in December last year.

He said that the residents of the village had never faced floods before, and that the disaster was caused by the overflowing of the nearby river which became shallower.

“There used to be a flood near Kampung Kemensah… on the banks of the river, this flood never happened as the residents informed. But heavy rains in 2021, the river has deposits from hill soil erosion, so the river becomes shallow when it rains heavily.

“Yesterday in Bukit Permai, Ampang, a landslide also occurred. Before that, four people died, a house was destroyed (as a result of the landslide), we don’t want something similar to happen in Taman Melawati,” said Abdul Razak.

Climbers feel the same way

Some climbers approached by the writer on the hill also expressed their displeasure when the beautiful view of Bukit Tabur was disturbed by deforestation activities.

A climber, Muhammad Syamil Mohd Kamarul Fahim, is among those disappointed by the development.

“From a distance, it doesn’t look pretty anymore, you can see a lot of open land (gondola).

“From above, you can see that the hill has been tarred, in front of us, closest to the lake, you can see, is this a halal or haram garden?” he said.

Throughout the climb, the writer saw that there were several cracks in the ground, but behind the steep slope, there were also bamboo trees and grass started to be planted, believed by the land owner.

With the unpredictable weather factor with unusual rainfall several times in the capital, of course the concerns voiced by the residents are well-founded.

The most recent landslide occurred on March 10 at Taman Bukit Permai 2, Ampang, claiming four lives and one victim with minor injuries.
A total of 15 houses and 10 vehicles were also affected by the incident.

Follow the second report tomorrow, what is the explanation from the Ampang Jaya Municipal Council (MPAJ) regarding this issue.

source – Fareez Azman


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