‘Special Force: Anarchy’ arrives guns blazing on Disney+ Hotstar this Saturday

‘Special Force: Anarchy’ arrives guns blazing on Disney+ Hotstar this Saturday

The seven-episode action series stars Puteri Aishah and Datuk M. Nasir, from the creator of KL Special Force

‘SPECIAL Force: Anarchy’ is the latest Malaysian Original series that will debut exclusively on Disney+ Hotstar this Saturday (January 14).

Set in the fictional nation of Tenggara – which kinda looks like Malaysia, but isn’t – the seven-episode series follows local ‘supercop’ Iman (Puteri Aishah) as she unravels a criminal conspiracy that involves a dangerous group who call themselves ‘Anarchy’, who are led by Umar (Datuk M. Nasir).

During a press event yesterday, the first episode of ‘Special Force: Anarchy’ premiered, showing off its combination of action, intrigue and character-building.

It starts off with a shootout that leads into a car chase. There’s witty banter between Puteri and her friend/colleague played by Elizabeth Tan. There’s family drama. Some goofy comedy moments. A suicide that might be anything but. A pair of spunky burglars (Chacha Maembong and Anas Ridzuan) who are on the wrong side of a local gangster.

While it does lean heavily on a number of tropes common to cop shows (the no-nonsense badass cop who will ignore orders), as well as Malaysian dramas – did the police chief (Hasnul Rahmat) have to also be Iman’s father? – it does set up likeable characters and ends with an exciting cliffhanger.

By taking place in a made-up country it allows the show to tackle some touchier subjects, though that really wasn’t explored yet in the first episode. Right now, it is fairly conventional as the first episode is mostly setting up the story.

Hopefully, instead of sticking to cliches, the show will take some interesting twists and turns.

After the preview screening, attended by most of the cast – namely Puteri, Nasir, Hasnul, Alvin Wong, Johan As’ari, Chacha, Yusuf Bahrain, Anas, Tan – series creator Syafiq Yusof promised an engaging story.

The writer-director likened it to his previous film ‘KL Special Force’ (2018), a police action film centred on a heist.

However, instead of being nonstop action, as a series ‘Special Force: Anarchy’ will focus on investigating a mystery. It is also his first time centering a story around female characters.

He also says that the show could be the start of a new universe of shows set in the criminal underworld of Tenggara, though of course, that depends on the success of ‘Special Force Anarchy’.

Check out the show as it premieres this Saturday, exclusively on Disney+ Hotstar.

source – The Vibes


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