Soundful’s AI-Powered Platform Empowers New Future For Music Creation

Soundful’s AI-Powered Platform Empowers New Future For Music Creation

Enabling artists and creators to analyze, create, and monetize music, Soundful raises $3.8M in seed round.

LOS ANGELES, April 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Artists, producers, songwriters, and creators on platforms like YouTube, Tiktok and Twitch can now create studio-quality music in seconds with Soundful’s AI-powered music creation platform. The platform is currently available by invite only, and users can signup for the wait-list at

The company has already attracted some of the top artists, music executives and technology veterans, thanks to its disruptive technology offering that enables anyone to create incredible music quickly, challenging slower-paced lower-quality music industry and creator economy incumbents. More than $3.8 million has been invested in the company’s over-subscribed seed round by a wide range of investors, including leaders from businesses such as Microsoft, The Walt Disney Company, Universal Music Group, Accenture, Beatport and Squeak E Clean Studios.

Demand for unique studio-quality music is higher than ever before, with millions of creators looking for high-quality, unique tracks to enhance production projects or power new artist cuts, to tight timelines and budgets. Soundful democratizes music production and rapidly accelerates creative speed, by giving users access to a tool leveraging music theory-trained algorithms and one of the biggest original sound libraries ever assembled to augment the creative process and bring out each individual’s highest artistic expression.

Soundful Founder and CEO Diaa El All commented, “Technology has been a key part in the creative process for the world’s leading artists for many years, enhancing the individual genius of the greatest writers, producers and artists. While we’ve seen substantial disruption in music consumption over the past fifteen years, music creation has remained fundamentally unchanged. Soundful shifts that paradigm by allowing creators unprecedented access and control of the fundamental building blocks of music creation, enabling unparalleled creativity at previously impossible speed and quality. Soundful empowers this and the next generation of artists and creators of all types, to find new pathways forward, fight writer’s block, and enable studio-quality music creation, regardless of experience and expertise.”

The Soundful platform assists professional creators by generating unique tracks and stems they can use as-is or enhance with their individual artistry. Social media influencers can download previously created tracks or automatically generate their own royalty-free music to perfectly fit their aesthetic without knowing how to produce music or navigate the complex music licensing landscape. Aspiring creators with minimal experience can now sound like a professional by using Soundful to quickly generate ideas or hooks and beds to build on with their own creativity and style.

Soundful users can create, browse, and listen to intelligence-driven, studio-quality tracks for free, saving and streaming their favorites through the platform. Tracks come in a variety of genres, sub-genres, and templates, including Hip-Hop, EDM, and Pop. Using the Create button, users can leverage Soundful’s machine-learned algorithms to generate unique tracks inspired by their chosen genre. Elements such as tempo and key can be tweaked for an even more customized sound. Users can create a new track from scratch using a variety of templates and genres at the speed of sound.

All Soundful tracks are available in multiple formats, for use in everything from a podcast or streaming video, to a new studio recording. All tracks are fully licensed for use in videos, advertisements, social media campaigns, and more. Free, premium and enterprise subscriptions enable users to get the service that’s right for them and their individual needs.

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About Soundful
Established in 2021 and based in San Diego, Soundful is an AI-powered music creation platform that enables creators and artists of all levels to get inspired, create, and monetize music. Dedicated to improving song creation by pairing technology with human ingenuity, Soundful allows creators to browse, listen to, and create AI-powered, royalty-free music at the touch of a button, all for free. Subscribers can then download high-quality MP3s, lossless WAV files, or multi-track stems of these songs for legal use in their own projects, allowing artists and producers to import them into their own production suites to inspire and serve as the building blocks for original tracks. Social media influencers, video creators, and advertisers can also utilize downloaded Soundful tracks to soundtrack their videos, social posts, and advertising campaigns without needing to worry about takedown notices. For more information, visit

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