Sound Affects bring PRS Guitars To The UK Bass & Guitar Show Plus More Show News

Sound Affects bring PRS Guitars To The UK Bass & Guitar Show Plus More Show News

Sound Affects Premier Guitar Store are delighted to be working in partnership with PRS Guitars at the show.

As well as a large selection of amazing guitars, PRS will be bringing to the show the PRS SE Silver Sky – John Mayer signature. This will be the first-time guitarists in the UK will be able to get their hands on one to try. Sound Affects will also have a great deal on the ever popular PRS Parlor Tonare Acoustic as a one-off show special. See them on booth H15 at The UK Bass and Guitar Show April 2 & 3.

Cream T Pickups is the brain child of Thomas Nilsen, pickup maker to the stars for over 3 decades. He counts Billy Gibbons, Bernie Marsden and Derek Trucks amongst his clients. Cream T will be exhibiting its unique range of pickups as well as recently launched Aurora Guitar range featuring patented pickup swapping technology. The UK Bass & Guitar Show will also be the first time the public will see its brand-new guitars design The Crossfire.

Rodney Branigan Brings Texan Charm To The Acoustic Live Stage The UK Bass & Guitar Show…
The Texas-born troubadour who learned to play in Austin, perform in Los Angeles, craft songs in Nashville, and put it all together in London has played all types of music in all types of venues in his storied career. His adventurous, boundary-breaking guitar playing (sometimes at the same time) earning him the title “The Two Guitar Man” has led to performance invites across America, India, Africa, and Europe

Ludwig Announce Ringo Experiences at The UK Drum Show 2022
Ludwig Drums have organised a number of experiences in a dedicated Experience Room at The UK Drum Show. These can only be used in conjunction with a day or weekend general admission ticket. The details of the session are now listed on the Ludwig Experience Room page on the The UK Drum Show website.

Wicked Quiet Baffles are a sleek and un-intrusive solution to help you control cymbal wash and overall volume while on stage or in rehearsal, without the use of bulky and distracting drum screens which create a physical barrier disconnecting you from the rest of your band and the audience.

For exhibitors wishing to appear at either The UK Bass and Guitar Show or The UK Drum Show taking place over the same weekend of 2 & 3 April 2022 at The ACC Liverpool, please contact either:

[email protected]

[email protected]

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