Sony announces price hike for PS5s worldwide, now over RM2,000 in Malaysia

Sony announces price hike for PS5s worldwide, now over RM2,000 in Malaysia

The price increase for the video game console went into effect when Sony video game chief made the announcement

SONY has confirmed that there will be new pricing for the Playstation 5 in regions all over the world, including in South East Asia with prices for both the Digital Edition and the disc-based version going up by RM200 in Malaysia.

The changes are effective immediately.

Sony Interactive Entertainment President and CEO Jim Ryan cited the global economic situation, including high global inflation rates and adverse currency trends as the reasons behind the price hike.

Prices are also going up in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America and Canada. The United States is curiously not affected.

Both variants of the console are now over RM2,000, with the previously more affordable disk-free Digital Edition joining its more expensive sibling.

The prices for both models:

PlayStation 5 Digital Edition, which comes with a 825GB SSD is now RM2,069.
PlayStation 5 with Blu-Ray disc drive and 825GB SSD is now RM2,499.
Around the region, the price for a Playstation 5 is the second lowest, with Thailand being the most affordable at RM1,959 for the Digital Edition and RM2,334 for the disc based version. It is by far the most expensive in The Philippines with the disc based version going for RM3,845.

source – The Vibes

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