Son ignored his father after turning into a ‘dragon’

Son ignored his father after turning into a ‘dragon’

AUSTIN: A man in his late 40s was ostracized by his son after transforming himself into a genderless ‘dragon’.

Richard Hernandez, who is now known as Medusa in conjunction with the Greek mythological character, said he no longer wanted to follow the rules of the corporate world.

“Before living life as a strange human being, I already had 79 piercings, most of them hidden,” he explained in an interview with YouTuber, Anthony Padilla.

The former banker from Texas, the United States (US), said he wanted to add more piercings that would later make him unfit to be in the financial world before pursuing his ‘ambition’ to become a dragon.

Since then, Medusa has had her face tattooed, split her tongue and inserted a horn implant in her forehead which costs about US$80,000 (RM341,280).

But Medusa had to pay a higher price when she was ostracized by her son who did not accept his father’s body ‘modification’.

“The relationship with my son has changed,” he said.

It is understood that his son was 16 years old when Medusa started the project to become a ‘dragon’.

They haven’t seen each other for seven years.

He said, he wants to prove to others that they can be successful and be unconventional at the same time.

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