Some people think that Lisa has changed because of her husband, I’m just blessed – Datuk Yusry

Some people think that Lisa has changed because of her husband, I’m just blessed – Datuk Yusry

IMMIGRATION of Datin Lisa Surihani received a lot of attention. Many praised her appearance now, which is quite cute in hijab. In addition, this beautiful actress also attends a lot of religious classes with other celebrity friends.

Her husband, Datuk Yusry Abdul Halim said Lisa’s migration was her own will. He also never prevented or forced his wife to make such a big migration.

Through an article on xtra , Yusry said that Lisa’s every change was not ordered but as her husband he approved it.

“Everything is on his will.

“So, that’s what she wanted. She did that and this (studying religion) because of Allah SWT, so I blessed her. That’s it.”

Now Lisa rarely accepts acting offers against her own will. Yusry added, it was his wife’s choice to act less.

Yusry also told that every decision of his wife is not forbidden except for things that are not good. But he said, he was grateful for every change in Lisa.

This famous singer and director also does not want to take ‘credit’ for his wife’s migration.

“There are a few netizens who think Lisa’s migration is because of her husband, but I only approve of what my wife did.

” I don’t want to take credit for things that other people do. As some people say, it’s good that Yusry is good at taking care of and educating his wife.

“I just approve and it’s all about communication .”

Talking about Lisa’s decision to wear the hijab, Yusry said it happened when they had just returned from performing Umrah. Lisa voiced her desire to wear a hijab before performing Umrah and asked for her opinion.

Not wanting to force, Yusry said if the time has come and his wife wants to wear the hijab, do it. But Yusry ordered his wife to wear the hijab not because she wanted praise or attention from people.

Not wanting his wife to migrate wearing a hijab because of someone else, Yusry does not want one day his wife to take off her hijab again.

“So I have advised on that and made sure it is final. So, when she returned from Umrah, Lisa said yes ! It is final. So, Alhamdulillah.”

Seeing the migration of Datin Lisa Surihani really inspires us all. With the support of my husband, hopefully Lisa and all of us who make the best changes in life will continue to be enthusiastic and persistent.

source – xtra

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