#solidarityforyasinsulaiman: Families raise fund for Yasin legal assistance

#solidarityforyasinsulaiman: Families raise fund for Yasin legal assistance

A fund has been launched by the family of the singer, Yasin Sulaiman to collect donations from many to fund his legal costs.

The news was announced through the latest post on Yasin’s own Instagram account.

It is also understood that the posting was made by the family after receiving permission from Yasin.

“Assalamualaikum, this message was sent on behalf of Yasin Sulaiman’s family with the permission of Yasin Sulaiman.

“To cover the cost of defense for this very serious charge, Yasin’s family would like to apply to anyone who is interested to contribute in order to help Yasin get a fair defense in court.

“For locals, you can channel donations through Yasin’s brother’s account, Mohamed Zain Sulaiman as follows:

“Bank: RHB BANK. Name of Account Holder: MOHAMED ZAIN BIN SULAIMAN. Account Number: 11401360010078. Reference: Bantuan Yasin
“As for foreign contributions, Yasin’s cousin in the United States, Aida Maher has set up a gofundme account.

“The gofundme link is http://gofund.me/30df2a21 (link in stories and saved in fundraising highlights),” the update said.

source – Gempak


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