Solid State Logic Introduces Guitarstrip Plug-in

Solid State Logic Introduces Guitarstrip Plug-in

Solid State Logic forays into the world of guitar processing with Guitarstrip, the latest plug-in added to its ever-growing SSL Complete subscription, available from only $14.99 per/m (Ts&Cs apply) and in several formats including VST2, VST3, AAX and AU.

With Guitarstrip, SSL brings its years of experience to a universe of musicians and producers working in the box. The new plug-in complements their renowned Drumstrip and Vocalstrip 2 plug-ins and enables users to access mix-ready guitar tones faster and with greater efficiency. Aside from providing classic tube amplifier emulations, Guitarstrip also contains SSL’s legendary EQ and dynamics processing, as well as phase correction controls so your signal sounds exactly as it should before hitting ‘record.’

“Guitarstrip is a fantastic solution for both recording and mixing, and a great all-rounder for electric, acoustic and bass guitars,” says Jon Sandman, product manager of plug-ins at SSL. “Guitarists will appreciate the Drive module, which can be used to achieve anything from a clean and subtle tone, to trashy, overdriven distortion.”

In addition to the Drive module, which also contains Boost, Punch, Edge and Shape controls to help sculpt the added harmonics, Guitarstrip also contains three other powerful modules: Phase Correction, which helps identify and resolve common phasing issues; Compressor, which contains five carefully selected compression presets as well as an Auto-Gain feature; and EQ, which has a simplified 3-band channel for tonal shaping among other features.

Key features of the new Guitarstrip include:

Apple M1 Native Support: Guitarstrip is a universal binary, and features M1 Native support.
4 carefully tailored guitar processing modules: Drive, Phase Correction, Compressor and EQ — each module is packed with features allowing users to quickly hone the right sound.
All-in-one processor for electric, acoustic and bass guitars: Guitarstrip is an extremely versatile solution in pre-production, recording or mixing scenarios.
Quickly dial in compression, EQ and tube amp drive: With user friendly presets as well as detailed controls over every sound parameter, Guitarstrip makes tonal shaping more efficient.
Packed with useful tools for mixing: Built-in wet/dry mix controls, as well as parallel compression options and multi-band EQ help your guitar tones sit right in the mix. ​
Along with the SSL Complete subscription, Guitarstrip is also available at a cost of $199 via the SSL eStore.

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