Social media doctor: Share data, research but sometimes it is not clear where the source comes from

Social media doctor: Share data, research but sometimes it is not clear where the source comes from

KUALA LUMPUR: The public is advised to be careful when buying cosmetic products even though some sellers share various data and studies about their products.

Environmental and Occupational Health Risk Management expert from Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS), Associate Prof Dr Shamsul Bahari Shamsudin said, although they share the results of the study, sometimes it cannot be ascertained where the source of the data comes from.

According to him, the community needs to be more aware of the situation because usually when such information is shared, it can influence buyers to get their products.

Therefore, he said, the public’s knowledge needs to be strengthened because until now, the promotion of cosmetic products has progressed, but the public’s knowledge is still low.

“For example, if we want to see the product, we don’t have to see it from the experts who advertise this product if we can avoid it because there are specific rules that do not allow professional titles to be used.

“So use the original name, let’s not use the professional title by selling products. We need to educate consumers to look at the label, registration logo with KKM (Malaysian Ministry of Health), check the expiry date, the active ingredients used.

“I believe we need to inform the community that there is an information line that the community needs to keep close and contact this information line.

“In addition, consult medical practitioners if there are any questions or concerns about the cosmetic products they wish to use,” he said during a live broadcast in the AWANI Bulletin on Monday.

He also said that the public is advised not to be misled by the titles of medical experts used because some acts clearly state that the use of such titles needs to be refined in the sale of cosmetic products.

Earlier, Astro AWANI reported that the use of professional titles such as doctor for cosmetic recommendations is not allowed, Dewan Rakyat was told today.

Deputy Health Minister Datuk Dr Noor Azmi Ghazali said the directive was based on the Guideline for Cosmetic Advertisement issued by the National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Division (NPRA).

He explained further, the use of the title, indirectly gives the impression that the individual has given professional advice and confirmation to the cosmetics involved.

source – Ridauddin Daud

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